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Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 6

Hi everyone! This is the "Have you seen it" for Project Runway Season 15 Episode 6! This episode aired on October 20th and it is called "There IS Crying in Fashion". This episode started on a cocktail party on Elyx... Continue Reading →

Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 5

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry for this hiatus, but I promise I'm here to stay! This ‘Have you seen it?’is about episode 5 which aired on October 13th and it was called “There is no I in Team”, and as you can read, it... Continue Reading →

The stores are compleling us to buy! Visual Merchandising and Store Layout

Hello Everyone! Today I'm going to talk to you about visual merchandising and store layout and how that affects our consumer behavior! First of all, what's visual merchandising? It's silent selling technique that helps to reduce the employee mix and increase... Continue Reading →

How to do your “signature bag” – Part 2

Hello Everyone! Here's the part 2 of the 'How to do your "signature bag"' series. So, last time we talked about the creative process and gave you an hint of the production costs. Now, I've already made the bag and... Continue Reading →

Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 4

Hello Everyone! Here’s another ‘Have you seen it?’. This week's episode aired on October 6th and it was called "Sink or Swim". The challenge consisted on making a swimsuit and a cover-up inspired by Heidi Klum new line "Heidi Swim", but there... Continue Reading →

My audience – Who are you?

Hello Everyone! Here's another assignment for Teen vogue x Parsons fashion course! On course 4 - Working in Fashion Media we were asked to write a story on our blog about you guys! Who are our audience? What do they... Continue Reading →

How to do your “signature bag” – Part 1

Hello Everyone! Today I bring you the first part of the theme 'How to do your "signature bag"'. On my Fashion Industry Essentials certificate by Teen Vogue X Parsons, I had to do a serie of assignments that colminated on... Continue Reading →

Production Standards – Size is Relative

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to talk to you about size fitting. We all know from experience that the size of the clothes is relative, comparing the pieces from different styles or brands. The production standards were implemented due to... Continue Reading →

Production Costs – Why do we pay so much for fashion items?

Hello Everyone! Due to an assignment for my Fashion Industry Essentials course by Teen Vogue x Parsons, I here present you with a new theme on my blog! I'll be doing some fashion posts about particularities on the Industry, sharing... Continue Reading →

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