My Trend Reports #3 – Luxie Beauty Princess Jasmine Brush Set

Hello Everyone! Today I'm bringing you another launch, this time Disney inspired! This is Luxie Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free company founded by Tammy Huynh and her husband Michael Tran in 2014. Their main product is high-quality synthetic brushes, however they have two eye palettes and some accessories (like brush cases). The brush set I present … Continue reading My Trend Reports #3 – Luxie Beauty Princess Jasmine Brush Set


Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 6

Hello Everyone! On this week's episode, the constestants had to design for a private client - their own models! Even on a day off, a model has to be ready to promote herself, specially with social media #modelsoffdutty .  The second twist is that it was the models that picked their design and not the … Continue reading Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 6

Blog Design #2 – The First Layout

Hello Everyone! Here am I to continue the Design Journal of this blog! On the first episode - if you missed it, you can check out my #1 Blog Design post here - I showed you my inspirational mood board: where I share you with the colour palette and the reference images that inspired me. … Continue reading Blog Design #2 – The First Layout

Blogging University – Thoughts on Fundamentals

Hello Everyone! So today was my last day of the Blogging Fundamentals! Although I did all the assignments, I didn't used it as prompt on the blog, as I first intended to do. Sometimes because I received the email with the assignment after my post of the day, or just because it didn't have an … Continue reading Blogging University – Thoughts on Fundamentals

Tuesday Photo Challenge #4 – Stones

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the late post, but I really want to publish my entry for Tuesday Photo Challenge! For those of you who don't now this challenge, check out Dutch Goes The Photo ! First we have the feature image of this post, just a photo that I took in April, it's  the sidewalk near my house. … Continue reading Tuesday Photo Challenge #4 – Stones