My Makeup Book Whislist – From youtubers to makeup artists!

Are you ready for a new TBR?

Here’s my wishlist on Makeup Artistry Books!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a professional makeup artist and I love to read. The following list will have a totally different subject on the makeup theme – we have inspiration, learning or history books, you’ll surely find some that fits your taste!

Click on the link to know more about each one of them. Let’s get started!

Compacts and Cosmetics: Beauty from Victorian times to the Present Day

Madeleine Marsh


“Cosmetics have been used to increase attraction since Ancient times whilst Compacts have been a symbol of love for generations but especially since the 1920s. In this fascinating book, vintage accessories’ expert, Madeleine Marsh, discusses just what makes compacts so desirable and reveals their hidden secrets from cameras to cigarettes. Madeleine shows what to buy and where, what to spot when buying and how to make the most of your compacts, vintage cosmetics or beauty accessories.”

If you saw my “Fashion History Book Wishlist”, you know I’m a geek and love to know odd facts about everything. The yellow cover is a new edition, after being out of the market for some years – the original was called “The History of Compacts and Cosmetics: Women with Style”, the pink cover, but had the same core content.



Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success–Online and Off

Michelle Phan


“Now, Michelle has compiled all of her best wisdom into Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success–Online and Off. From creating a gorgeous smoky eye to understanding contouring to developing an online persona, Michelle has advice to help you transform every facet of your life. Make Up is packed with Michelle’s trademark beauty and style tutorials,  stories and pictures from her own life, and advice on the topics she is asked about most, including etiquette, career, entrepreneurship, and creativity. From the everyday (such as how to get glowing skin) to the big picture (such as how to turn your passion into a profession), Make Up is a practical and empowering resource to help anyone put their best face forward.”

I’m her subscriber and I’ve been a fan almost since her beginning. I’ve always been impressed by her journey and despite her “public retirement” (not a business one), I still wish her all the success on her projects.


Beauty and Cosmetics 1550-1950

Sarah Jane Downing


“Exhibiting enormous power or inspiring incredible devotion, throughout history beauty has been women’s chief asset. Each age has required its own standard – a gleaming white brow during the Renaissance, the black eyebrows considered charming in the early 18th century, or the thin lips thought desirable to the Victorians. For those naturally blessed, their beauty could ensure a good marriage, offer social mobility, fame or notoriety whereas those without such obvious gifts would resort to any ends to achieve an illusion of beauty.

Ours is not the only age when beauty is celebrated but also judged and quantified. From the color of the ear to the transparency of the teeth the benchmark for every aspect of beauty has been set and women – and some men – have applied themselves wholeheartedly risking their lives using poisonous chemicals, their fortunes at the risk of blackmail, or the wrath of God, to reach the desired targets.

From Queen Elizabeth I who used dangerous quantities of white lead to give her complexion the illusion of a youthful lustre, to Marilyn Monroe who blended 4 shades of lipstick to emphasise her perfect pout this book will examine some of the more unusual cosmetic practices contemplated in beauty’s name.”


Dick Smith’s Do-It Yourself Monster Makeup

Dick Smith


Opposite from the previous books, this one is a teaching class on fifteen different monsters! Although beware that from what I’ve researched, this handbook has the focus on the construction part of the makeup and not the beauty part. If you are interested in that side of SFX, you might like the next and final book of this list:

Mind-Blowing Makeup in Special Effects

Danielle S. Hemmelef


“An ultra-low reading level coupled with high-interest content and visual appeal bring amazing makeup special effects to life in a whole new way. From hairy monsters to bloody fangs, awesome makeup special effects are explained in a way that will keep readers hooked. Fascinating details revealed in fact boxes add to readers’  understanding of this action-packed thrill ride through the world of makeup special effects in movies.”

And that’s it for today guys!

Did you like my booklist? What makeup book do you recommend?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*



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