Hot Summer Reading 2018 Book Marathon – TBR

Hello Everyone!

Today it begins – The Hot Summer Reading!

This is a literary marathon created by the author of the blog Diario da Chris – it is Portuguese but I really recommend it, especially her youtube channel which is usually more updated than the blog. I have to be honest – I’ve tried this marathon last year and I failed miserably. But not anymore!

This marathon begins on August 1st and ends on the 6th. This year, we have an open theme to it but we have some Instagram challenges that I intend to attend daily:

M – Show your TBR;

V – Favorite literary trip;

E – You’re reading… ;

R – Summer Book Goal;

A – This summer, I won’t miss…

O – Original – Show your marathon theme!

(The M represents the marathon, and Verao is Summer in Portuguese – I know this acronym doesn’t work in English language, but I didn’t want to cut it out of this post)

And now, here’s my TBR for the next days!


Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler (488 pages)

The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (135 pages)

Death Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases – Nisioisin and Andrew Cunningham

(168 pages)

The theme is free but we’re only revealing them in the last day of the marathon – on the Instagram challenge. Can you guess my theme just by looking at my books? Don’t forget it is summer related!

I know these seem like a lot of pages – and they are in fact – but I put my mind on it and I will succeed this time! I’ve planned it all out – I will read 100 pages per day minimum before I go to sleep.

Since last night I went to bed after midnight – technically it was August 1st – I’ve already started the challenge and I managed to read 116 pages of Mein Kampf! So far, so good – my performance on the book marathon, not the book itself. Every book on this TBR will have a review later on.

And that’s it for today!

Are you dedicating yourself to books lately?

If so, share with me your summer TBR in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out Chris‘ social media to know more about this marathon.


See you soon*






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