My GuruShots Challenges #3 – Light and Dark

Hello Everyone!

As every Monday, here are my last entries on GuruShots Challenges!

GuruShots is a platform where you can upload your photographic work. You can use it as a portfolio, but also enter some of their photo challenges and have to opportunity to win prizes! If you end up not winning, don’t worry – hundreds of people saw your work and that’s what matters!

As always,  I’m sharing with you my most voted photographs in each challenge. If you would like to see all the photos I entered, visit my profile.


Açores - Cópia.png

Made of Metal


The Darkness




If you follow me for a while you can recognize some of the photos of the challenges because I’m currently “cameraless” – my canon doesn’t read my memory card. So I’ve been recycling some of my old work!

I hope you like it!

Let me know in the comments if you are participating in any photo challenges!

See you soon*


Credits: GuruShots

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