My GuruShots Challenges #2 – Animals, B&W and a lot of lipstick!

Hello Everyone!

So this week I continued the journey of sharing my photos on GuruShots. For those of you who don’t now GuruShots, it is a platform where you can enter photo challenges and vote for fellow competitors for free. You can assemble a portfolio and even use it for professional matters. As you progress on the challenge you rise on the ranking that can go from Newbie to Guru.

As last week,  I’m just sharing with you my most voted photographs in each challenge that already ended. If you would like to see all the photos I entered, visit my profile.

Funny Animals




Pretty Woman


Monochrome / Creative prop Portrait

(same entry on both challenges)

Chocker BW.jpg

Funny how three out of four have a lipstick on the spotlight.

That’s it for today!

Are you entering any of GuruShots Challenges?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Credits: GuruShots


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