My GuruShots Challenges #1 – First Week of Photos!

Hello Everyone!

Last week I sign in on Gurushots – the company describes itself as “a platform for people
who love taking photos”. They have three main beliefs: 1) anyone can take good photos; 2) taking photos should be fun and meaningful; 3) having feedback on your work makes you improve.

Well, how does it work?

They have photo challenges for a limited time (from 24 hours to several weeks), with a specific theme and you can enter for free. You can upload from one to four photos (depends on the challenges) and the prizes can be a physical photographic exhibition or an adobe creative subscription (depends on the sponsors) or just paid features of the platform.

After you upload your photos you must vote on your colleagues work. You can see what kind of work there’s out there, what people are voting the most and it also gives your pictures more exposure to others – increasing your chances of getting votes.

I entered some challenges by now, but I’m just sharing with you my most voted photographs in each challenge that already ended.

If you want to check my whole GuruShots portfolio just click here.

Macro and Close-ups


Low-key Portraits


At the Beach


Sunrise to Sunset


If you like photo challenge, please check it out, I’ve been across the most amazing photos, everyone is very talented and nice!

Let me know in the comments what photo challenges are you participating in!

See you soon*


Credits: GuruShots

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