Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 9 – Posen On The Red Carpet!

Hello Everyone!

If last week we went on a tour on Isaac Mizrahi’s inspiration, this episode the designers visited the Zac Posen House, where Alyssa Milano and Zac himself explained the challenge: a red carpet look that shows the designers’ signature technique.

With one day work and no mentor, the contestants must advise each other! Also, the prize is to dress a leading lady for a lifetime original movie event! As expected, Zac was the guest judge and he had another gift – he selected some of his own fabrics for the designers to use! The second guest judge was the actress Rosie Perez.

Let’s Start the Show!

Helen Castillo | #DesignerHelen | Corsetry


Helen was safe, but since we came to the point where only one person is out, I decided to comment on her garment as well. I think it’s a pretty dress, but the corsetry is a little too subtle for me, I wish it was more obvious. I agree she deserved the safe spot.

Anthony Williams | #DesignerAnthony | Sculpting



Let me start by saying that it’s a perfect dress but I hated the colour! The judges affirmed he nailed the challenge and Zac even pointed that the colour was the freshness detail of the garment – I agree to disagree!

Fabio Costa | #DesignerFabio | Pleating


As Alyssa pointed, this was the one dress you immediately know is a Fabio creation. Personally, I wouldn’t wear that colour (fun fact, Zac use this fabric to dress Amy Schummer) but Rosie made a great point – it’s something nobody else would wear. I was very happy when Isaac said that Fabio’s designing the future, where everyone else had a more traditional approach to the red carpet. Since Fabio’s first appearence on Project Runway back in 2012, I always loved his approach on clothes, even when I found them silly or “non-wearable” for me, I was always rooting for him to win! Fabio should have got this one for me.

Ken Laurence | #DesignerKen | Sculpting


Despite my opinion about Ken, it was sad that his dress wasn’t perfect this week. He’s usually the king of sculpting, he has proven himself a lot of times but this garment wasn’t his best creation. Better luck next time!

Stanley Hudson | #DesignerStanley | Tayloring


This is pure Stanley – classy, sophisticated, well made and, as Isaac claimed, it looks expensive. And we all know that’s one of the most important thing on the red carpet, looking like a million bucks even if the dress only cost 100.

Edmond Newton | #DesignerEdmond | Ruffles


Fabio was Edmond’s mentor and he advised him to hide the flower seem of the ruffles. He did and now we still have a seem, but a red one, which makes the outfit a lot cheaper. I agree with Zac about the back zipper, totally unnecessary, specially because it’s dark, I could have closed my eyes to that if it was red. Rosie hated it and Alyssa has a pillow just like this. Comparing your art to a pillow is never a good compliment.

Joshua McKinley | #DesignerJoshua | Pintucking

Auf Wiedersehen – Eliminated


First, back on the work room, when Helen was mentoring Stanley, she said he could make the front a little bit shorter, for a sneak peak of the shoes. Everyone thought this was a bad idea, and here comes Joshua executing it – Zac told him that makes the dress trashy. The judges felt it had too much going on, but the thing that really bothered me was – this is a technique challenge and Joshua’s comment on the runway was something like “if I could had more time to work on the pintucking”. That’s not acceptable to me because you know the technique was the major thing that was going to be evaluated. Besides, everyone else did an amazing job head to toe, almost every dress was perfectly finished – not having your own technique well made is inexcusable. I don’t think Joshua’s technique was well made, but Alyssa said it was good, who am I to contradict her? Anyway, he ended up being eliminated this week.




What was you favorite look?

Did you agree with the elimination?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. I thought the winner was a perfect red carpet dress, but I adored Fabio’s .What actress wouldn’t want to be noticed for being fashion forward. Zac is always a little to b***y for me.


    1. Ahahah he totally is! I think they were all afraid of Zac’s opinions.
      Anthony is a sewing genius, he constructs everything so fast and perfect!
      But I think everything is so safe – not only on this challenge, in the overall show. I don’t know if I had too many years of watching Project Runway, but I find that lately there’s never that feeling of surprise or excitement like “I would die to have that dress!”.


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