Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 8 – Mizrahi Madness!

Hello Everyone!

As you can see by the title, this episode of PRAS will be all about Isaac Mizrahi! Jewish Museum has an exhibition about him and the designers are asked to make a look with Isaac’s inspiration – color. He picks each contestant a color palette that challenges them to create something inovative. That was only the dominant color, the designers had the opportunity to choose complementary ones.

The challenge was to come up with Spring Party looks with the previous selected colors. The winner design will colaborate on a capsule collection for the Mizrahi brand. This week’s guest judge is legendary supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Let’s start the show!

Stanley Hudson | #DesignerStanley | Pink

The Winner


Based on the sketch, this had potential to be the most chic and fabulous of all. Stanley’s will to play with proportions was on point (I’m don’t want to skinny shame, but this model is too thin, even for designer clothes) but the fact that you can tell there’s some kind of stucture on her hips makes me think about it as a poorly mad outfit. And I know that it’s not, but I wish the bottom looked more like a real person and not a structured skirt. Neverthless, the top idea is very cleaver, the color combination looked pretty and “springy” and the belt detail makes it more sophisticated.

Anthony Williams | #DesignerAnthony | Yellow


On the critique, Anne was afraid that this was just an elegant dress, and it needed to be more – this is a party and not a red carpet look. Of course, our guest judge loved it. Georgina made some technical critiques about the finishing touches of the dress and it was clear that Anthony would be in the middle or the ranking.

Edmond Newton | #DesignerEdmond | Orange


I’m not a fan of this fabric, it seems it’s wrinkled all the time, I don’t think that’s a good fabric for a party. Despite that, I think it’s just a pretty dress, it can still be sexy and well made – as the judges complimented – but at the end of the day this is a design competition.

Helen Castillo | #DesignerHelen | Purple


This turned out so good! The purple with the blue looks stunning, the fact that it is pants gives it another dimension (by comparison to the other designs) and it has a really effortless and chic feel. However, the judges expected more from Helen at this point, not only a good color picker.

Ken Laurence | #DesignerKen | Red


Everyone loved Ken’s dress. I like the color combination, the light pink and the accessories really give a more “party” direction to the look, but I don’t find it outstanding. And I hated that it had a back white/light pink (I couldn’t tell) right down the back of the dress, I think it cheapens it a little – but that’s a personal detail.

Merline Labissiere | #DesignerMerline | Blue

Auf Wiedersehen – Eliminated


Isaac was not a fan of the yellow, but I think it turned out great with the blue. Merline’s first 3D details were so much better than this design idea that I was not surprised she was sent home this time – because she proved she knows how to construct, but when I look at her work and don’t actually see clothes, more like architectural pieces.

Did you agree with this elimination?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime

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