Why I stopped reviewing American Crime Story and what’s happening with the blog!

Hello Everyone!

As you noticed, the blog has been standing in the last few weeks. I delayed a lot of posts, not because I was too busy, I just wasn’t motivated enough. And to be honest, I was not liking the direction this was taking.

At this time, I had four permanent contents: Project Runway, ANTM, Tuesday Photo Challenge and American Crime Story – three out of four contents are tv reviews. It came to a point where all of this segments were behind schedule – and it’s not because I didn’t have the time to see the episodes (I always watched them within two days after its release), I just didn’t felt like writing about them.

Tuesday Photo Challenge is the most conducive to slack – if I don’t have the time to search for a appropriate photo for the challenge or to edit it, it’s the easiest to slip. Then, the day passes and my motivation for it falls drastically. Even when I put a post up after tuesday, I always feel I’m not doing it for the art – this case for photography – but as an obligation. One of my new years’ resolution was to never skip a tpc and in February I’ve already ruined it.

This blog was supposed to be about fashion, art and other things that enchanted me. When I started the reviews for American Crime Story I thought I could make interesting post about the recreation of Versace’s clothes on the show, overall imagery of the episodes and so on. But the episodes went by and I realized the show was more about Andrew Cunanan than the Versace family. It’s still one of my favorite series of the season, but I don’t think it fits in with the porpose that I want to give this blog. With that in mind, I decided to terminate this content. For those of you who follow that, I will still make a full review when the season ends and then we can all share our opinions about the show (did I already say that I love it?).

It hasn’t cross my mind to delete the blog or to give up on it! I’m just trying to organize my life to have the time for it – and to want to have that time, without it feeling like labor or something. I’m really enjoying myself writing this for you, and that’s how I want to feel all the time (or at least, most of it) while blogging.

Also, the more my absence became longer, the more I was feeling guilty about it:

  • I’ve got new followers almost everyday and I feel like I didn’t deserved them, because I was not posting;
  • I was missing the interaction with you all, but I’ve slacked on reading your blogs and responding to your comments (and I read and answer all of them!). Then I started to feel ashamed to reply to comments that were sent days ago and stopped doing it. If you commented on my blog the past few weeks and I didn’t reply – I’m tryly sorry and it won’t happen in the future. That’s not the person – and surely not the blogger – I want to be.
  • I was unhappy with the blog (I want to change my design for so long, but still haven’t finished it yet) and even with my writing on it – I’m a better writer than what I’ve shown you so far and I want to change that.

To leave you with a positive mark, I’m preparing new content for you that I’m really excited about. I’m not telling what it is or when it’s coming out because I don’t want to create expectations about it – not only on you, but on me as well.

Sorry for the long post, but you deserved an explanation. Feel free to comment if there’s something you want to ask me

I truly love you guys and thank you for all the support you have given to this little corner of mine!


See you soon*


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