Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 8 – Beauty Is Social!

Hello Everyone!

For this episode of ANTM, our models start the day with some drama, about a conversation somebody heard where Rio used the term “stupid as Kyla”. Well, I’ve talked about Rio’s actions towards her collegues before, so I’m not going to go through that again, but this confirmed my past opinions.

Tyra comes to the house to teach the girls how to take a proper selfie! On a Era where you can create a business out of instagram and other social media, you need to know your angles to promote your digital image! So, the Queen shows how to do it, giving tips about poses, position and close ups.

As a surprise, the designer/super model Jourdan Dunn appears giving advice about social media advertising. The winner of the challenge will have their photo posted on Jourdan’s instagram. My comments on how the models did on the challenge will be on the photo critique bellow.

For the photoshoot, the models had to pose with man with realist body types with liquid gold paint! They met with the first brawny man supermodel Zach Miko, who was photographing with Jeane as a reward for her win on the selfie challenge. This would be the first time the male models would photograph with no shirt! And once again, Tyra was the photographer!

The models began the casting for her male partners and that as a funny and relaxed moment. Drew was helping on the photoshoot and I loved the concept.

Here’s the photos by order of Tyra’s calling:

Kyla Coleman (20) | #TeamKyla


Kyla didn’t do that well on selfie challenge and Rio takes the opportunity to call her stupid again on the individual interview. Despite her attemps, all her selfies were exactly agains all the tips that Tyra gave earlier and that had a poor result.

The drama RioKy continue when Kyla decided to get things straight with Rio, but I feel that didn’t have a real impact on her. Then, the casting ease up the environment and Kyla killed the competition! This is her best photo yet and I’m starting to see her being a threat to some of the girls.

Jeana Turner (24)| #TeamJeana


Her selfie was the most high fashion of them all and she won the challenge! I loved the photo, her and Zach look stunning but she completely steals the show for me!

Shanice Carroll (25)| #TeamShanice


I have the same opinion as for Kyla’s performance – this is my favorite picture of Shanice so far! The judges complimented her body figure and the way she is bending shows she is trying to be on shape and uses that as a benefit to her model skills.

Erin Green (42)| #TeamErin


Erin is the oldest of them, and the technology is where her age reflects. She doesn’t really get social media and she had a long way to go on this area. Her selfie was bad but that doesn’t matter because she nailed the photoshoot! This is also her best job yet and finally she became the model I thought she could be!

Brendi K Seiner (22) | #TeamBrendiK



The judges loved this picture of Brendi, the only problem was that her body seems a little stiff – and I agree, but that doesn’t bother me that much, still think it’s a gorgeous picture of her.

Rio Summers (23) | #TeamRio


This position in the ranking doesn’t catch me by surprise, because when you are focued on the work of others, you tend to slack your own. Rio is a beautiful girl and is not directing her energy on the right things. I hope this week’s scare of the bottom makes her reflect on her priorities. Although her face is strong in this, the male model totally stole the frame.

Khrystyana Kazakova (32)| #TeamKhrystyana


Khrystyana had previous experience on growing a digital channel – she gain 65k followers by the moment she started to show pictures of her belly, and more real and pure forms of ther body. I liked her selfie a lot. On the photoshoot, thing didn’t go so well – after last week’s reveal about her abuse, she was not confortable shooting with a male model,  afraid of some inappropriate touching. There was no such thing, everyone was very professional but the nerves got the best of her during the film.

Sandra Shehab (22)| #TeamSandra


Sandra was the queen of social media and both Tyra and Jourdan really liked her selfie. But, with the photo, the judges thought that maybe she is just an instagram girl that is not fit for editorial. Sandra was also nervous about shooting with a guy because of her fiance and her muslim heritage, but that wasn’t the problem – it’s not the first time this critique was giving. I think she left with her head held high and that she will succeed in the industry.

What did you think of Sandra’s departure?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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