Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 7 – Beauty is Raw!

Hello Everyone!

On this week’s challenge, Director X came by again, this time to make a videoshoot about taking a stand to bullying. The winning video would be shared by the National Crime Prevention Council on their digital spreads. The models were split into teams of three and here’s the winning video!

I agreed that this was the best video, they had the most raw and troubling message and it was gorgeous.

For this episode’s photoshoot, the girls received professional nail care at home which made them feel very scared – they thought it would be a nude challenge! Until Tyra came to the house to reveal it would be a vulnerability challenge, where they would pose in lingerie with the beautified hands of their fellow contestants laying on their body, in form of support. The best part, Tyra was the photographer and this is a raw shoot – no makeup, no filters, no fancy clothes!

This episode was very emotional, as each of them connected with their suffering to be totally raw on the video. Also, in the photoshoot, they were also “naked” with hands touching them – I find this episode very insightful, not only for our (the viewers) own growth but also for the models mental health.

The photos are ordered by Tyra’s calling. For the first time in ANTM history, the first seven models tied, which means all of them won best photo! This proves their true form is what’s beautiful about them, not the runway walk, not the fashion and definitely not the make up.

Brendi K Seiner (22) | #TeamBrendiK


I love Brendi’s look and she deserved to be the first to be called. I feel she has been trying so hard and nothing was working. Finally, being just herself was enough to get her to the top!

Jeana Turner (24)| #TeamJeana


Khrystyana Kazakova (32)| #TeamKhrystyana


I have to admit I cried when Khrystyana told her story. On panel, the judges were commenting how well she did on the video and she admitted she released something that was hidden inside of her – she was molested as a child and never told anyone up until this point. All the judges got emotional and so did I, I’ve never experienced something like that and I can’t imagine how that feels and how that stays with you for the rest of your life. This made me love Khrystyana even more, because victims of such abuse sometimes grow up with low self-esteem and other psychological and corporal issues, and she turned out to be a proud woman.

Kyla Coleman (20) | #TeamKyla


Her best photo so far!

Rio Summers (23) | #TeamRio


Sandra Shehab (22)| #TeamSandra


Shanice Carroll (25)| #TeamShanice


I really liked this photo of Shanice, I wish we could see more of her tattoos – that badass touch in the white lace is so pretty!

Erin Green (42)| #TeamErin


This definitely is not Erin’s best photo. But there’s something that always happens in this kind of reality competitions – while Tyra was photographing her, she looked stunning and then they presented this as her best photo. This works for ANTM past seasons and sometimes I just get the feeling they don’t take the time looking at the whole film or it’s just a matter of taste of the person who does the picking. Judges always comment on going through the film, but sometimes I think the photos just don’t reflect what we see on the show.

Christina Mcdonald (34) | #TeamChristina


Although Erin’s photo was worst than Christina’s the judges decided to sent her home – finally! Just as in other panels, Christina just starts to respond to judges critiques. She always defending herself as if someone was constantly attacking her. The judges felt she only wants the show for exposure and not for learning, so for that she can continue her path elsewhere. I really hope she learned something from this experience, at least to listen to others.

Which model do you think should have gone home?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model


    1. Me too, Khrystyana has to win! There was a time when Rio was becoming one of my favs, but her past actions had made realized she isn’t the person I thought she was. Neverthless, I still think she is one of the prettiest in the competition.

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