Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 6 – Beauty Is Pride!

Hello Everyone!

On this episode of ANTM, the girls had to stand for LGBTQ rights on a Pride Party. Drew Elliot, Raw Roach and Stacey McKenzie presented the challenge – a pop out runway to celebrate pride with the clothes of Christian Cowan! The price is one of the biggest so far, the opportunity to go to NY Fashion Week to model Christian’s collection!

The photoshoot was one of the most exciting yet – they would pose with Rupaul’s Queens! Valentina, Katya and Manila Luzon would be paired with the models in a royalty shoot.

Here’s the best photos by order of Tyra’s calling!

Khrystyana Kazakova (32)| #TeamKhrystyana


Khrystyana was the winner of the challenge, she did the best runway by far! I was really happy, because she is the person that I want in this industry – simple, humble and not afraid of her true shape. As we can see on this photo, she totally stood out even with Katya by her side.

Shanice Carroll (25)| #TeamShanice


I was also happy that Shanice did well this week, because from the beginning she said she was doing it for her sister – who is gay and recently came out to the family, who did not receive the news very well. She wanted her sister to know that she is not alone and should not pretend to be something she’s not for others’ approval.

Jeana Turner (24)| #TeamJeana


Eleganza Extravaganza!!

Christina Mcdonald (34) | #TeamChristina


I can’t wait for Christina to be out of the competition. I’m not going to talk about her drama again, but she is so rude and I didn’t thought this photo deserved this position.

Erin Green (42)| #TeamErin


The runway challenge was the first time I really saw Erin cut loose! And it was awesome! I’m afraid she’s being to much on the middle and that might harm her if she ever goes to bottom two.

Sandra Shehab (22)| #TeamSandra


Rio Summers (23) | #TeamRio


Brendi K Seiner (22) | #TeamBrendiK


Being a bisexual woman, Brendi really wanted to do well this week. She even cried while hearing the judges critiques on the runway walk, but Drew was really nice and told her the fact she really put the work in is already a reason to celebrate, no matter the result.

Kyla Coleman (20) | #TeamKyla


I think Kyla is walking towards a “make it or break it” moment, because Raw accused her of not listening to their critiques – and with that, she keeps not using her full potential.

Liberty Netuschil (20) | #TeamLiberty


Liberty is out, finally. As much as I find her beautiful, that’s not enough. A top model is someone that can move people’s heart, that can send a message and influence the world. I’m not okay with her being arepublican and doing a job for LGBTQ – I know that I the end of the day it is a job, but I don’t agree with people putting aside their beliefs for money, fame or whatever. For me, the problem is that she is ignorant about why she is a republican, she doesn’t know enough about politics or even the social status of the world to take a political position. Kyla was very offended with some of Liberty’s claims and so was I.

That’s it for this episode!

Did you agree with the elimination?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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