Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 7 – A Kick In The Astro!

Hello Everyone!

This week, the designers get to the Hudson River Museum Planetarium, to meet with Alyssa Milano for the briefing – fashion inspiration can come from everything, even the stars. So, the challenge is to create an avant-garde look with a budget of 300$ and two work days!

Then, they had the opportunity to sketch while watching a beautiful presentation about the cosmos!

This week’s guest judges are two of my favorite celebrities – RuPaul Charles from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Jesse Tyler Fergunson, “Mitchell” from Modern Family!

Let’s start the show!

Fabio Costa  #DesignerFabio | Neptune


Fabio had a little bit of trouble with his design on the production phase. He decided on fringe because Neptune is a windy planet and I loved his concept from the beginning. While doing the sleeves he realized it wasn’t going to work and decided for braids instead – and it became beautiful. I wouldn’t wear it, but for the avant-garde is perfect! All the judges loved it!

Anthony Williams #DesignerAnthony | Milky Way


It was very funny to watch Anthony’s react on Anne telling him to not over use the glittler – of course he didn’t care and used it as he pleased! And I’m glad he did, because this garment is marvellous! It’s the most cosmic of all and, as Georgina pointed out, it was the most original sillouette. Jesse had some problems with the painted top, but I personally think it turned out great.

Merline Labissiere  #DesignerMerline | Milky Way


Although it is Merline’s technique all over again, this time it really worked! She got a lot of compliments from the judges and they were well deserved. But for me, the hair and make-up are responsable for 60% of the impact of the look. So, I don’t think the outfit is that strong, but her decisions were on point this challenge.

Joshua McKinley  #DesignerJoshua | Pluto


This was the most complex of all in terms of materials. The glue lace for the nitrogen layer was perfect and RuPaul even acknoledge it as “next level gay shit”, what is totally true and I love it! Neverthless, I also agree with Isaac when he said that colour scheme resemblance a cheap motel – but Joshua thought this palette was the most similar to the actual planet. Joshua got a little agressive on his defense, and I didn’t liked his attitude at all – despite the critiques, the judges also complimented him and he was all about “this is my shit, neither you want to see more or send me home”.


Stanley Hudson  #DesignerStanley | Solar Eclipse



This is my favorite look from Stanley so far! It is so literal and so subtle in the same way, the proportions are perfect and it stands out from everything that came on the runway. Well done Stanley!

Kimberly Goldson #DesignerKimberly | Newtron Star

Auf Wiedersehen – Eliminated


I like Kimberly’s concept and actual design. The styling is breath taking and the explosion skirt worked a lot better then I expected! I find this elimination really sad, because I think Joshua should have been voted out for his attitude, but I find him more talented then Kimberly – but this was not an awful design, just wasn’t as good as the others.


Did you like this episode?

What was you favorite look?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime



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