Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 5 – Beauty Is Unconventional!

Hello Everybody!

On this week’s episode, Ashley Graham comes to the house to introduce the next challenge to the girls – to make a beauty video with the youtuber Patrick Starr! The goal was to make a life hack video, where the models show unconventional materials you can use on your routine. The prize? Having the video published on Patrick’s channel.

They were split in teams: Christina + Rio | Jeanna + Kyla | Sandra + Shanice | Liberty + Erin | Coura + Khrystyana + Brendi K.  At the end, Sandra was the winner of the challenge and had an amazing advantage on the photoshoot – to model side-by-side with Ashley and listen to her personal advice!

After Liz departure, the drama didn’t disappear – now, it was Rio’s time to get over her head. She started to attack Sandra out of nowhere, just because she was feeling insecure and vulnerable. Rio accused her of not having to fight for anything, that her beauty gave her all the opportunities in life while other have to work hard to get them. I felt that was unfair, because Sandra is not – or at least, isn’t showing that on camera – an arrogant person. I don’t feel she relies on her beauty to slack of the competition and it’s not her fault that things have gone well for her.

Anyway, on the photoshoot, the models had to work in trio to get a beauty shot, and these are the final photos!

Jeana | Coura | Rio


The judges loved this photo and Rio’s is killing it! She was the first on the call back and the proves that if she stops looking at the others (in this case, Sandra) and concentrate on her craft, the rewards will come! Jeana and Coura look stunning as always.

Christina | Erin | Shanice


So, I’m starting to hate Christina – she is cockish, screw up the shot for her fellow models and is always talking back at the judges! She thinks she knows best and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. Luckly, neither Shanice or Erin were sent home.

Brendi K. | Khrystyana | Liberty


For me, this photo is beautiful, I think they are completing each other so well! Khrystyana is bringing her game every week and the judges are starting to think that Liberty is just a pretty girl

Kyla | Sandra


Just as I said on the last ANTM review, Kyla it’s a model in person, but just a normal girl on the photos – everyone’s doing and amazing job and she is falling back. How come nobody talks about Sandra’s resemblance to Kim Kardashian?! It’s like they’re the same person!

At the end, Christina and Coura where on the bottom. The judges decided that Coura needs to mature on her angles before going foward on this competition and I agree with that – neverthless, I can’t wait for Christina to be out!

Did you agree with the elimination?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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