Have you seen it? The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story – Episode 3 “A Random Killing”

Hello Everyone!

This week’s episode of American Crime Story is all about Andrew! There’s no Gianni, no Donatella and no Antonio.

By this time we know Gianni’s not Andy’s first murder and that he had been on a killing spree in several states, and this week we met his previous victims.


We travel to 1997 Chicado, where Marilyn Miglin (Judith Light) returns home from filming a Home Shopping Network segment in Canada. She starts to feel something is wrong – her husband was supposed to be at home, but there’s an open ice cream carton on the kitchen and some meat on his office. No movements, no sounds. He’s found dead on the garage floor.


We then get to know that Andrew and Lee have an arrangement and frequently spend time toguether. On their last encounter, Andy comes to Lee’s door by surprised. They have a talk about Lee’s business’ and we start to see some resemblance with the Gianni case – Andy wants to be a part of something great and to become famous for it. This meeting ends with Andy’s MO – wrapping Lee’s head with tape – and dropping a bag of concrete on his chest. Before he killed him, Andrew let him know that everyone would know what he was “I want you to know that when they find your body, you will be wearing ladies’ panties, surrounded by gay porn.”

Well, that didn’t work for our killer, because Marylin argues with the police and recuses to make the details of the murderer public — “He won’t steal my name. Our good name. We worked too hard.”. She assumes it was an act of violence to stole Lee’s car – which was taken by Andy. But that’s what he ends up doing – he finds a red pickup, follows it and shoots the driver. That’s the “random killing” that gives the episode title some purpose.

Now, what will be Andrew’s next move?


Are you keeping up with ACS?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: TV Line

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