Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 4 – Beauty Is Drama !

Hello Everyone!

As you can see in the title, this week was all about drama!

The models began the episode with an acting challenge, where they received their lines and had to prepare for a screen test with Anthony Hemingway – TV director who worked on Glee, Empire and American Crime Story! They had to perform with actor Kevin Phillips and the winner would have a role on one of Anthony’s upcoming projects!

Khrystyana was the winner and she deserved it – her acting was very cute, very natural and I can’t wait to see her performing on a new tv show. And after hearing her about her will to pursue a career in acting, but she was always under pressure because english is not her first language. It was really nice to see that when you put on the work, things really pay off the way you wanted. I’m talking about the other performances while commenting the photos or you’ll need two days to read this post!

Next, the models did a scary photoshoot with B. Akerlund, fashion activist who have dress many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry. This were the photos that made this week’s ranking.

While that was happening, some tension in the house blew up – Liz and Brendi fought on the last episode, Liz tries to apologize but nobody in the house cares enough about her to even listen. This unleashes a sequence of events where Liz didn’t felt confortable in the house and where the other models were being rude just for the sake of it. The final moment happened the night before panel, where Liz was trying to sleep while the others were in the living room talking and laughing. She got up, went there and politely said “guys, please, there’s people trying to sleep” – she was right and it was and it was almost 2 a.m. – but then she finishes with “shut the fuck up!”. Of course the others turned on her and she did her vitimizing act and left the house to sleep on an hotel.

First of all, I don’t like Liz – she’s loud, inappropriate and her extroversion climbs its limit to be mannerless. When you enter this competition you know that, if you want to get to the final, you’ll have to share a house with 14 strangers for 3 months – if you have trouble sleeping, you should have prepared for that! And if you have trouble dealing with different personalities you should have prepared for that too. Her attitude is just spoiled, annoying and toxic (which was what she called Brendi – and by no means, I agree with Liz on that!).

Now, with all of this I’m not saying she deserved what happened! I truly believe she was feeling alone and inadequate on the house, that it was hard for her to share the space with people she didn’t have nothing in common and that her pain and tears were real. But you’re a grown-up and you have to suck it up! And if you don’t want to suck it up and want to take a stand for yourself, you have to do it in an intelligent way – not crying, screaming and cursing like a child! If you can’t handle living with people you don’t like for a specific amount of time, you’ll never make it in the industry. All our lives we have to deal with people we don’t like or can’t even stand – but if we things our job is bigger than that, we suck it up and deal with it.

After the nightout, she went to talk to Tyra about it and she decided to leave the show. Despite my personal feelings for her, I think she could have gone far in the competition if she turned down her personality a little.

Well, now let’s see the looks!

Khrystyana Kazakova (32)| #TeamKhrystyana


And another win for her! This was a high week for Khrystyana and she totally deserved it – she is beautiful, motivated and above all, professional in every way.

Jeana Turner (24)| #TeamJeana


Having no hair make her stand out from the other and she knows how to use her body without it! You go girl!

Christina Mcdonald (34) | #TeamChristina


The screen test didn’t go well but she make up for it in the photoshoot.

Liberty Netuschil (20) | #TeamLiberty


Brendi K Seiner (22) | #TeamBrendiK


I love her style but I’m not liking her personality from what we’ve been showed on the model house and the backstage.

Erin Green (42)| #TeamErin


As the judges pointed out, this photo shows a flexibility that makes her versatile and could get her jobs! Either way, I still think she needs to up her game to get out of the middle of the line.

Shanice Carroll (25)| #TeamShanice


I think the photo is cool but her face is just normal for me. Although she improvised and showed a totally different side of her, it was unprofessional of her to say in the individual interview that if she knew that kissing her action partner would gave her the win, she would have done it. First, Khrystyana did a eskimo kiss – which is nose touching – and that improvisation made the scene feel more real. Nobody talked about kisses and that wasn’t on the script either. That comment from Shanice and her hype over the actor that came to the stage was just unprofessional – even more because she have a boyfriend.

Kyla Coleman (20) | #TeamKyla


Raw claimed Kyla is the more bookable girl of the bunch and I think he’s right. Whenever she goes on panel, she always look like a real model on the go-sees.

Rio Summers (23) | #TeamRio


She’s better that this photo but I think she could have been up on the ranking this week.

Sandra Shehab (22)| #TeamSandra


There’s some Lady Gaga in the house! Sandra’s is so beautiful but I think she hasn’t been able to translate that into the photos and that’s getting her mind out of focus.

Coura Fall (24) | #TeamCoura


Coura is missing the train very fast. She was a mess on the screen test, missed all the lines and I don’t think she even done the whole scene. It was like she was dead inside! As Tyra advised her, it is time to start modeling – acting for it – instead for being a model for the sake of existing. They told her last week she needs to study her face for more interesting expressions and this was the result – Bora(ing) Coura as Raw called her.

Rhiyan Carreker (20)| #TeamRhiyan


I’m very happy with this elimination. Rhiyan was a fat girl growing up which destroyed her self-esteem, and even with this beautiful body she feels like the fat girl. You can take your body out of the fat but you can’t take the fat out of you. This is messing with her modeling skills and that was it for me – when she was talking to Rio and Kyla and communicated that she felt she would do better on the competition if she lost weight.

Well, for me this was completely disrespectful in a lot of ways. First, as a chubby girl, I’ve never let the weight stand between me and my dreams – of course it’s not the same thing because my dreams don’t come across showing my body, but I have done full body photoshoots for my Parsons course and other photography projects. Second, Tyra is making a huge effort on the industry with the mission that everyone is beautiful despite their size – that’s the motto of the season! And third, this is unbelievable disrespecting for all the plus size models out there who embrace their own body and still manage to get jobs!

I think Rhiyan has issues to deal with and this is surely not the place to do that.


Did you agree with the elimination?

What were your thoughts on Liz leaving the competition?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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