Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 4 – Balls Out!

Hello Everyone!

On this week’s episode, the designers are visiting a castle for inspiration – the challenge is to due a princess ball gown!

They arrive to the place and it is an inflatable bounce castle with balls in it! Balls Out is really about balls of all sizes, colors and patterns and within 5 minutes the designers had to collect as many balls as they could – after all it is a modern princess dress!

Personally, I was very amused because I love unconventional challenges! Also, I was curious about what Anne Fullenwider’s opinions would be like. The ghest judge was two time grammy award winner Kasey Musgraves.

Let’s start the show!

Stanley Hudson | #DesignerStanley

The Winner


I loved Stanley’s sketch and it turned out gorgeous. My favorite part is the bubble vest and the color was a great decision – he stood out from everyone else. For that refine decision making he was the winner of the challenge.

Fabio Costa #DesignerFabio

pras6-ep4-fc-sketch (1)

OMG yes, I’ve been petrefied by Fabio’s outstanding vision. His concepts are all so fluid and everythings turns out exactly the way he describes it. Everyone thought it was very fierce, but Isaac mention the finish of the skirt could be better.

Kimberly Goldson #DesignerKimberly


It was the most young and fresh of them all. When Anne did her critiques on the work room, she questioned a cotton ball neckline that Kimberly did on this corset – Kim decided to take it of and it brought a whole new dimension for the outfit.

Amanda Valentine #DesignerAmanda


First time Amanda got called this season. Unfortunatelly it was for being on the bottom. I think the idea was cleaver and fun, but as Alyssa pointed out, the dress don’t actually fit the right way. I’m with Isaac about that leg openning, it could have been better as well. But overall, I don’t think this is a bottom look, but the competition is getting harder and someone has to be the least favorite.

Helen Castillo #DesignerHelen


Helen did a remarkable pattern sewing work on this – I love the color scheme but wish the skirt had more white and yellow stripes. She affirmed on her individual video that she wanted to stand out by her craft and since this is a fashion competition, it’s unfair that you are using glue – which was the technique for everyone else. Well, I don’t think she’s wrong – in fact, if I had the skills to do it, that would be my strategy as well!

The judges all agreed that as perfect the sewing work was, this dress had no design or soul. The colors are good, the patchwork is great but it’s not original, inovative or remarkable. That’s where the game turned around and Helen got defensive.

Anthony claimed “I like what Helen do, I just don’t like her” and that’s precisely my opinion. As right as she was with her creative decisions, she thought it would be a good idea to expose that on the runway in front of the judges. She added that she did a complex work instead of making clown outfits – giving tips about the other designers’ work.  Even Isaac yelled shade.

Of course that caused drama in the waiting room, with Stanley joking about it – at the end of the day, he used glue and won and she was the one on the bottom. When they were called out to know the winner, Helen got late to the stage, causing more suspicion about what went down on the backstage. When she got saved, she apologized to everyone.

Candice Cuoco #DesignerCandice

Auf Wiedersehen – Eliminated


Candice is one of my favorite contestants and this makes me mad – the sketch is absolutelly beautiful and she made such an ugly dress. The proportions are all wrong, the non-existing flower is a mess and the skirt – which seemed average when she was sewing it – on the runway, looked awful. She had the worst dress of the bunch and was the rightful elimination. I hope Candice have the opportunity to comeback somehow, she didn’t got to show her best work on the show.

Did you like this episode?

What was you favorite look?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime



  1. I did not watch the whole episode, but I think Candice’s dress was horrible. I admit that I have a bit of a crush on Candice and thought she should have won her season….but she was correctly eliminated this episode.
    Oh well.


    1. Completelly agree with you, that’s why I posted the sketches this week, because her vision was really cool but she couldn’t translate that into the actual work. And this allstars, there’s no room for unfortunate mistakes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Candace was correctly sent home, but the unconventional challenge is always a crapshoot. Sometimes I think it would be better to give them all the exact same supplies and see what they can come up with, like a cooking show.!


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