Tuesday Photo Challenge – Old

Hello Everyone!

For this week’s challenge I decided to combine two things I love: History and Pets.


This is Gayer-Anderson Cat, and ancient egyptian cat statue that was created around 664-332 BC. It’s called Gayer-Anderson due to his previous owner, who donated the cat to the British Museum (London) – there’s also a copy of this cat in Gayer-Anderson Museum (Cairo).

The cat was manufactured by the lost wax method, where a wax model is covered with clay and fired in a kiln until the wax flows out, and the hollow mould is refilled with molten metal. In this case the metal was 84.7% copper, 13% tin, 2.1% arsenic with a 0.2% trace of lead. The remains of the pins that held the wax core can still be seen using X-rays. The original metalworkers would have been able to create a range of colours on a bronze casting and the stripes on the tail are due to metal of a differing composition. It is also considered likely that the eyes contained stone or glass decorations.

It’s spectacular how the ancient civilization build such amazing pieces, without the knowledge and the technology we have today!

I hope you liked my photo and I’m excited to see your own entries to the challenge! Don’t forget to check Dutch’s blog on the link bellow, to get more info about the TPC!


See you soon*

Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #93: Old

Image Credits: Mara’s Artistry

Camera: Canon 600D; 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II


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