Have you seen it? America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 3 – Beauty Is A Trademark !

Hello Everyone!

One of the fans’ favorite episode is in – The makeover! The challenge this week was to let go of their past lives and embrace their new self – the top model one!

They receive Tyra mail concerning tips on everyone’s makeover. Then, they went to the Andy Lecompte Salon, to meet with co-owner Leanne Citrone, Raw Coach and Drew Elliott.

In the end, the models got the opportunity to showcase their new looks, shooted by Director X. I’m presenting you with the models makeovers by order of Tyra’s calling. I cannot show you the videocase because I can’t find clips or photos of it and didn’t want to show you printscreens.

Now, who’s becoming ANTM?

Liberty Netuschil (20) | #TeamLiberty

There was a lot of drama with Liberty. On the first episode, the drama began with her pro-Trump reveal, which I can somehow understand – she comes from a place that don’t have diversity, so she don’t fully get what kind of prejudice are happening in the world. That conservative way of thinking came through this week, when Liberty found out her hair was going to be red: first, she cried like a baby – there was no need for that, it is just a hair color and you already know that there’s going to be a makeover; second, she made the most disrespectful comments about that specific hair, saying things like “disgusting” refering to Gingers. After that, she got a badass look and make a killer video that granted her first place this week.

Jeana Turner (24)| #TeamJeana

Jeanne has a serious case of alopecia, which causes your hair to fall. She is bald since she was ten and wears a wig everyday. Tyra decided she needed to embrace herself as she truly is – and understand that we are beautiful just as we are. After an emocional talk with Raw, she took her wig and let the professional do their work. Her style is so unique and this baldness is now her strength!

Inspired by Jeanna makeover, both Raw and Drew decided to let go of their demons!

Raw lost 100 lbs but he was still hiding behind his big hair and clothes; Drew has vitiligo and covers it with makeup everyday. It was beautiful to see how inspired the judges got over Jeanna’s pain.

Brendi K Seiner (22) | #TeamBrendiK

By now, Brendi is the drama queen – for fights about house chores and her fighting her past each and every photoshoot. If last week it was because she had a miscarriage, this week is because she has a masculine side that Tyra thought would be best to come up front – cutting all Brendi’s hair. It makes her eyes pop up so much and will make her much more versatile!

Rio Summers (23) | #TeamRio

One of my favorite makeovers, the blond hair make her eyes so green and intense!

Kyla Coleman (20) | #TeamKyla

Christina Mcdonald (34) | #TeamChristina

Christina still has an atitude that annoys me – from her argument with the judges on casting day, from her fake expression while hearing the critiques, I just don’t like her. Neverthless, the hair fits her well but I found this picture awful, from the pose to the no-neck.

Coura Fall (24) | #TeamCoura

Coura had the “coura makeover”, which was keeping her own style. On the critiques, Tyra advised her to work on her restless face – which is very boring, compared to her intense moments – a top model needs to be interesting in expressing any emotion.

Erin Green (42)| #TeamErin

Judges think Erin is still on the 2000 and I agree. She is one of the most stunning of all, but her pose and faces seem outdated – even her pose on this photoshoot seems old-fashion.

Khrystyana Kazakova (32)| #TeamKhrystyana

Sandra Shehab (22)| #TeamSandra

Becoming more Kardashian each week!

Rhiyan Carreker (20)| #TeamRhiyan

I think this was a funny and different approach to Rhiyan but I think she will not be at the same level her hair deserves. Let’s wait and see!

Shanice Carroll (25)| #TeamShanice

Shanice has psoriasis which a disease that causes skin patches, she has it on her scalp and they could get worst with stress. Since Tyra was giving her a wig, she had to tell everyone of her health condition, because the sewing of the wig could make it worst. The show decided not to give Shanice the makeover and that kind of interfere with her performance this week. But it was still enough to keep her in the house one more week.

Ivana Thomas (23)| #TeamIvana

On the individual clips where the models are talking to the camera about their day, Ivana is the most beautiful one. Her face never gets write on photo as it does on video, and I agree with Drew’s opinion on how she got eliminated, not by her size, but by her lack confidence.

What was your favorite makeover?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: America’s Next Top Model

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