Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 3 – Perfect Pairings

Hello Everyone!

This week, Alyssa arrange a night out for our designers on the restaurant Daniel. They met the Executive Chef Jean-François Bruel and Head Sommelier Raj Vaidya who presented them with a dinner specially paired with a wine – as the designers were sitting in pairs, this would be a group challenge! The designers would have to do two looks – the most sucessfull pairing would win, the least sucessfull would leave – double elimination!

Inspired by the food and drink, the designers would have to come up with original ideas that reveals the talent of both contestants, while being complementary with each other. They did the sketches while having dinner, to get the most pure experience of their inspirations.

The ghest judge was Whoopi Goldberg, aside with our regulars Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi. As always, I’m commenting the top and bottom looks.

Let’s start the show!

Anthony Williams #DesignerAnthony| Kimberly Goldson #DesignerKimberly

Lamb Chop |Syrah


As Isaac afirmed “I don’t know where you got blue from lamb chop” but it surely works! On of the bests, Anthony is becoming really good on his painting techniques, which makes his designs so unique and complete, allied with a sophisticated taste. Besides the critiques to Kimberly’s pants, I loved the top part, the sleeves were remarkable.


Merline Labissiere #DesignerMerline | Candice Cuoco #DesignerCandice

White Asparagus | Gruner Veltliner


Isaac foretold this collection should be inspired by mushrooms and not asparagus- which I agree, but the asparagus was white! The teamwork was awful, there was no comunication despite Candice’s attempts which resulted in a bad outcome. I’m tired of Merline’s architectural work – you have a good vision on that, we already know that – and, as Anthony pointed out, this unfinished work should not be on the runway of All Stars. Georgina loved Candice’s top but the seem on the pant was unacceptable. I think, overall, this looks’ critique was the worst and based on that they should have been sent home. I’m glad they were safe because I love Candice and I don’t think this bad work was hel fault.

Ken Laurence #DesignerKen | Fabio Costa #DesignerFabio

Guinea Hen Duo| Pinot Noir


The chemistry between them was undeniable and they were the best team. The way both looks are coordinating – even the shoes! – are beautiful to me. This is the kind of precise and glamorous work that I expect from Ken and he beat my expectations. Fabio revealed he was very proud of the design – and so was I! His aesthetics is so loose and relaxed, kudos to him for making such a structured outfit! I would totally wear that, the skirt is gorgeous! They were the right winners for the challenge, good job boys!
(Btw, wasn’t Fabio’s own look amazing? Love everything he wears!)


Melissa Fleis #DesignerMelissa | Ari South #DesignerAri 

Citrus Cured Hamachi | Chablis


This is on of those cases where nothing was wrong, it simply didn’t work. First, there was no pairing at all – no sillouettes, no textiles, no details – the only thing they had in common was the color scheme, not even the colors. Second, both looks were well made but that is not enough on PRAS. Melissa’s dress was fine, but to be honest my favorite thing on the look is the shoe. Ari’s gown was stunning, the beads were perfectly place and it really flaters the model. The crotch peak-a-boo is a problem but not a massive one. But they are just good dresses and that’s why they were eliminated. I wish I could see more from them on the competition, but it seems we have to be following their work on the outside world!

Did you like this episode?

What was you favorite pairing?

Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. I didn’t have time to watch this last night, but recorded it. I watched it today and I was quite unsure how the judges were going to vote to eliminate people. I like Candice, but the bottom four looks were pretty bad and a bit uninspired.
    I loved watching Whoopi grimace and have a confused look on her face.
    I suspect one of the two designers will be brought back at a later part in the competition. I don’t know which one, but I suspect it.


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