Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 2 – Damsels In Distress

Hello Everyone!

This week, Alyssa Milano surprises the designers, showing up on the work room to present the challenge! Around caution tape and fire extinctor, she reveals the theme: post-apocalyptic fashion. Out of caos can come beauty, so the contestants have to Distress their concepts and make some cute clothes!

With a budget of 200$ and 30 minutos to shop, the designers had 12 hours to came up with a concept and execute the most distressed inovative clothes.

The ghest judge was award winning actress Danielle Brooks – I love her on Orange is the New Black!

Let’s start the show!

Ari South | #DesignerAri


Let me start by saying that I adore this look. So, the techtonic plates shifted around the world causing all volcanos to erupt. The model has the carbon coat and the magma dress. The lace effect that the blowtorch gave to the skirt was simply exequisit. Besides, the leather top was amazing as well. I was shook that Isaac and Georgina found it really normal.

Char Glover | #DesignerChar


Her story of this badass firewoman is very intense. I think it would been amazing if Char didn’t make this so costumy with the Fire Department tag on the back of the shirt – it should have stayed more subtle with the reference on the color scheme. I was enchanted to see how impressed Isaac was with those pants with the train, good for Char! Neverthless, he ends up calling this look dirty and cheap. But at the end, despite his fierce vibe, this look recalls costume wardrobe.

Stanley Hudson | #DesignerStanley


Stanley said his model character survived an evening at the opera – for me this does not represent opera, this represents old-fashion. I agree with Alyssa that the distressed made the color prettier, but it doesn’t balance all the other “wrongs” with this outfit. As Danielle pointed out, the top without one shoulder would look so much better!

Merline Labissiere |#DesignerMerline


This was the most futuristic one and Merline tried so hard this week, everything was so well thought out! Although she was on the top, and even though Alyssa afirmed that she’s inspired by Merline, the critiques they made didn’t felt right – it was almost as if they wanted to speak something more, but they regret it and don’t tell, or the camera cuts the rest of the critique, I don’t know. It just this weird feeling I got. Anyway, I really loved this outfit, the structure is very flattering and the burned back is beautiful.

Anthony Williams | #DesignerAnthony


Anthony’s model is a princess from Gambia and her house caught on fire while having a gala. Everyone loved it! Isaac even call it fresh as a daisy, despite all the distress. His sugestion on having a shiny legging underneath was really cleaver, however I don’t think it would go well with the whole style. This was the best of the week and won the challenge!

Kelly Dempsey |#DesignerKelly


As expected, Kelly had the funniest story – her character started the apocalypse, she was an alien ice pricess that danced so much that caught the world on fire. Her textile was really cool, Isaac complemented the fishnet idea but it was too “kelly” but to “normal”. I agree that this is pretty “undistress” compared to the others – Kelly would wear this on a daily basis! I think if the shorts would have been spray painted or distressed somehow – and don’t look so plain black – she would have been safe. Instead, she was eliminated this week.

I’m sad with the result, I think Kelly has one of the most unique styles and should have been presented with a second chance. In my opinion, on the design matter, Kelly’s was better than Stanley’s – more creative, more modern and more versatile.

What about you? Did you agree with this elimination?

Let me know in the comments bellow!


See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. I did not agree with the elimination and wish it had been Stanley. While both of them were poor, his was much worse and was far less creative.
    I wish they would critique even the “safe” designers–even if they just posted it online after the show.


    1. Yeah, me too! The “safe” designers are almost “working for nothing”, because if you don’t get critiqued you can not get better at your craft. Another thing is that the judges don’t see the designs up close as they do on “Project Runway”, I think they should touch the garment and understand how it was constructed and not judge only from the runway walk.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They should definitely take a closer look at the garments–maybe they do, but without a mentor to introduce the models, a stagehand would have to do it, and they wouldn’t want to put them on camera.


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