Have you seen it? Project Runway All Stars Season 6 Episode 1

Hello Everyone!

You all know how excited I was for this day as I’ve announced the new season on Project Runway All Stars here, where I presented the contestants and showed you the trailer. Now, it’s time to review it!

As I previously told you, it will be Veterans vs Rookies. They all met at a football field where Alyssa Milano divided the contestants into their teams and explained this week’s runway show: each team had a budget of 1000$ and had to create a look inspired by Spring or Fall Season. But first, they had a challenge –  a quick stitch race, where each team member was responsible for a part of a dress production process and then a final designer had to do hair/makeup and styling. The fastest team would have an advantage on the runway show.


The Vets ended up winning an extra 500$ budget for their Mood shopping and the power to decide which season they would like to design for – they kept Spring, which means the Rookies would have to make a Fall Collection.

As I stated before, Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are this season judges, as Anne Fullenwider returns as a mentor! With that, with the final price the winning designer have an extra prize which is being an editorial consultant at Marie Claire magazine.

Now, let’s start the show!

The Rookie – Fall Collection

I agreed the Fall Collection was the winner this week but I have a different opinion from the judges when it comes to the individual looks. This were my least favorite looks from the bunch, they were by Stanley (#Designerstanley), Kimberly and Kelly respectively. I kind of like Stanley’s but the design of the jacket with the hat becomes too “Jessica Jones”,

The top three looks are my favorite ones! First, Amanda did an amazing job with those burgundy pants, her model looked fierce, professional and sophisticated. Next, we have Candice’s look, which I believe was the most unexpected but it would never make it to the top because it’s a little “summery” for the Fall Collection.

Then we have the yellow dress that I believe should have been the winner – Merline did an amazing job inspired by architecture. Georgina pointed out the seams are not as perfect as they could be, but I believe that was the most inovative design. At the end, she was the winner of the challenge!

The bottom were the judges favorites – Char’s burgundy dress and Edmund olive garment. Char’s look I kind of understand, it is a different take on the cape trend and Isaac loved it, because it kind of compensates the .

I find the colour of Edmund’s look awful and the dress completely ordinary. I can comprehend what Alyssa means by saying that we don’t expect that color on an evening gown, but I just think the whole look is boring. This is the kind of situation where I question my own taste and sense of style.

The Vets – Spring Collection

Now the loosing team, starting from my least favorite looks. First we have Anthony’s greenish gown – I think it is an okay dress, Anthony’s talent is much bigger than this and I personally don’t like fringe on the top, it always makes the person look pregnant. Then, Christopher with this pink dress – which I hate! And Melissa, who also did an okay job – if you take away the cut outs it’s just a well sewed plain skirt with a plain top.

These were my favorites of the Spring Collection! We have Fabio’s look, which I was so excited to see! On his first appearence on Project Runway I didn’t quite got Fabio’s style, but as the season progressed I was getting to know him a little better, I learned to love his clothes! I absolutely loved this outfit, the only thing that I would change was the fringe – I wish it was blue like the jacked instead of the same color as Anthony’s look. But I understand it was a colaborative decision with the collection coherency in mind.

The we have Ari’s look – first I’m amazed by his/her transgender process and how that makes her a better designer, with a different understanding of the womens’ body. It was a very fresh and beautiful dress, perfect for Spring! It was also the judges’ favorite look from the Vets.

Helen’s look was on the bottom because it had to be a bottom three. It was just not that original, but very well made. It was one of Alyssa’s favorites and Georgina complemented it on its impecable execution. I think Christopher’s was the worst, but he as a person is a fun guy to keep on the competition for the future drama situations.

The judges agreed that the bottom looks were a matter of taste. Ken is amazing on execution, but his garment had a lot of problems – Isaac really liked the short sleeve blazer idea, but the pants look like maternity ones. I think it was the worst look and that he should have been going home – based on this look only.

Then we have Casanova, with a look that I loved. The judges got confused with the mix of fabrics and I kind of get that – it could be easly resolved if the top was cropped the up to the neck, letting only the cut outs of the back, that way it would be a more breezy look. Everything is really cool and I was very upset he was sent home!

Did you liked this first episode? I’m sorry for the long post, I was very excited for this premiere and got a lot of thoughts to share with you!

Speaking of sharing, what was your favorite look?

Let me know in the comments bellow!


See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know the season has started. Watched it after seeing your post. I thought Merline did win this challenge? Her outfit was my favorite.


    1. Omg you were right thanks for pointing that out! I already change it on the post! Because I’m already writing some notes on the post while watching the episode (it just spares me time, I don’t have to do a later research on ghest judges names or brands that sponsor the challenges) I must’ve got distracted, since Edmund was the first to leaving the stage. Silly me!

      Her outfit was also my favorite, I would totally wear that! And I don’t even like yellow! Did you agree with the elimination?


      1. Haha I know what you mean! I have tried taking down notes while watching Project Runway Season 16.

        I agree with the elimination. I think his outfit looks alright in photos, but it looks a bit off when the model was walking on the runway. I thought the pants were too flowy that it looked like she had mini shorts on.


      2. I dont like the photos on lifetime’s website at all – for a fashion TV show the photography should be better – because I feel they never reveal an accurate look! I feel Casanova is always missunderstood, if he have done that outfit all in the same fabric (and since they were spring , the top could have had a lighter feel with some leather details) it would look amazing!


  2. I watched both episodes shown (I won’t spoil your review for the second one–but I will definitely have some comments on that one).
    I am happy to see Candice back because I have a huge crush on her and I think she should have won her season. I call her the Vampire….but in a good way.
    I thought the challenge to pick the collections was a little silly. I would have preferred a sketch challenge. Maybe that is because I think that part of the show is underutilized.
    I look forward to more episodes, but mostly I look forward to your commentary.


    1. I’m craving for a more sketchy challenge as well, and I think that Candice would stand out on that kind of work! She is the one that designs of the kind of woman that I would like to be! Her style is gorgeous and I’m really bumped that she keeps being safe and doesn’t have the opportunity to explain her work.

      My review on the second episode is up if you want to check it out 🙂

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