Tuesday Photo Challenge – Recycle

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry the blog have been a little slow the last days, but I’m using this first week of the year to organize my life and the blog content! I’m not missing, just laying low for a bit!

Neverthless, here’s my entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

When I think of recycle, I recall create – making something new out of something old. That’s something that my grandparents thought me, we should keep the objects until we’re completely sure that we don’t use it anymore or can’t make nothing out of it! Because of that, I’m a little hoarder but my perfeccionism makes it organized so that I can make some art out of it sometimes.

Today, I’m showing you a hair accessory that I made out of bear caps! I glue them together and painted them with nail polish – acrylic would need more coats – and hot glue them to a black satin with some bobby pins – et voilá!


I’m thinking of showing you some of my DIY projects here, if that’s something you’re interested in, just let me know on the comments!

Don’t forget to check Dutch’s blog bellow for more information on this challenge!

See you soon*


Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #90: Recycle

Image Credits: Mara’s Artistry


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