Tuesday Photo Challenge – Quotidian

Hello Everyone!

This weeks challenge we were asked to photograph something of our everyday life. I decided to document a routine that happens everyday – me trying to photograph my cat Cosmo with my cellphone and never getting it right!

1 – Whenever I find him on a funny position, he always moves when I get close enough to take the picture;

2 – I can never get him to look at the camera;

3 – He always moves and I can never get it focused because of his fur.

Today, while organizing the house after Christmas, Cosmo liked that ribbon and I put it on his neck to atemp to do a fake high fashion photosooh. Didn’t got a good photo and he took it off a while later – major fail! Now he just chase it around the kitchen.

And since this is the last challenge of 2017, what I wish for the new year is for Cosmo to keep being healthy and happy!


What about you? What weird routine do you have?

Let me know on the comments!


Don’t forget to check Dutch’s blog bellow for more information on this challenge!

See you soon*


Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #89: Quotidian

Image Credits: Mara’s Artistry

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