Tuesday Photo Challenge – Pets

Hello Everyone!

Today’s challenge has one of my favorite themes: Pets!

I love animals, I’ve had pets since I was 5 years old but I only had dog and cat friends!

On the feature image we have Cosmo, he’s 9 months now and it’s the weirdest pet I’ve ever had! He was sold to a petshop but nobody bought him because he was dark – black cats are bad luck! It’s unbelievable how in 2017, people still have those kind of prejudice on the table for the decision of getting a buddy! Therefore, Cosmo was returned to it’s original owner and she couldn’t keep him so me and my boyfriend adopted him. Cosmo sleeps on the bottom of our bed, he don’t like to eat by himself so he always call us and is very needy! He doesn’t meow much, but he call us with his little paw.

That photo was taken with my cellphone, I wish I had some more professional pictures of Cosmo. I really need to do a photoshoot with him!


And here we have Karma! She lives with my parents and she is a siamese. She loves to play hide and seek, to have some treats and to chase balls. This is her friend, statue cat that she loves to throw out of the fireplace! This was taken with my Canon 600D.

That’s it for today! Which pets do you have?

Let me know in the comments!


Don’t forget to check Dutch’s blog bellow for more information on this challenge!

See you soon*


Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #88: Pets

Image Credits: Mara’s Artistry


  1. We currently have a dog we adopted from a shelter, but my son who lives nearby has a black cat that is a total diva, love her. Cats and their personalities are always entertaining. My dog is very needy, but she is a great snuggler.


    1. Cosmo and Karma are the worst, neither of them like to cuddle! They are both get a little agressive while playing with us, but never to hurt us for real. They both always come purring when I call them 🙂

      It’s great that you adopted, all my life I had adopted pets and I think that that’s how we are helping the world!


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