Get the Character Style: Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

Hello Everyone!

Riverdale is in its second season and its style is very unique. From the scenary to the music, costume choice is a very important aspect of each character. Although Sabrina’s style is my favorite, today I bring you an how to get Betty’s look!


Betty uses a lot of nudes, whites, pink, soft grey and pastel blue. She usually uses normal skinny jeans and a lot of shirts (both long and short sleeve). For a cover up, she uses mostley jersey, from jackets to sweaters – on the cold days, she wears a grey overcoat or a blue greyish parka. She doesn’t use accessories and the details are always  subtle – from the collar of the shirt to the buttons of the cardigan.


Here’s the Betty Look!

unnamed (1)

(Check out my Polyvore or Pinterest to see the items individually)

So, for this look I assemble her pink sweater – which is almost her brand – with a nice normal pair of skinny jeans. She loves wearing pastel blue as well, so I decided to give that pop of colour through the bag. And, with some nude ankle boots you can never go wrong, it can be casual and formal at the same time!

Here, I also give you an alternative piece for her shirts – if you don’t want to commit to an embellished shirt (if that’s not your style or if you don’t have the money), you can always buy a neck collar separately! There’s a lot of options for this accessory on the market, and if you can’t find it on the stores near by, just look on Etsy – there’s a lot of good fashion designers selling their unique pieces there and you always get a good deal!

I hope you like this look and share with me what characters’ style you want to see next!

See you soon*


Image Credits: IMDB

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