Coming Soon: Project Runway All Stars IS BACK! (January 2018)

Hello Everyone!

Today, Project Runway announced the trailer of Project Runway All Stars (PRAS) Season 6! Alyssa Milano was already giving some sneak peeks over the summer on her social media, but I only saw the official promo today – on January 2018, the show will return!

Alyssa will return has host and from what we can see on the promo, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi will be judges again. I was wondering about Georgina’s return to the show, since all the drama with her husband and the decision to take his name out of the show credits. But from what I read, the show was already being shooted when all the allegations came to public. Neverthless, I hope Georgina keeps being recognized by her work and talent, and not from her personal issues.

On this season, 16 designers will compete for the title of being an All Star, and we will have two groups: Vets vs. Rookies, 8 of the contestants were on a previous All Stars Season, and 8 new contestants will join in.

On the Vets group we have Anthony Williams (Season 1), Carlos Casanova (S2), Ari South (S3), Joshua McKinley (S2), Melissa Fleis (S3), Fabio Costa (S4), Ken Laurence (S5) and Helen Castillo (S4).

On the Rookies side we have Kimberly Goldson, Amanda Valentine, Stanley Hudson, Charketa Glover, Merline Labissiere, Candice Cuoco, Edmond Newton and Kelly Dempsey.

I’m very excited about this new season, specially because some of my favorite designers are returning to the screen: can’t wait to see how Fabio, Amanda and Kelly are doing and how their style evolve! And, let’s be honest, PRAS always brings more drama because people already know each other.



FYI, Project Runway is renewed for another two seasons (17 and 18) and Project Runway Junior is also going to have another season (3) after not being on air since 2015.

Did you like these announcements? Are you a fan of Project Runway All Stars?

Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits:

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Bad Books 


    1. Me too! I wish they would had a worldwide contest where you could show your own version of their challenges! They did it before on instagram for the premiere of Project Runway Season 16 but it was only for U.S residents/citizens :/


      1. Maybe you can try to make moodboards that fit your style and on the way you may discover the form of expression that suits your vision best 🙂 I can do some drawing (but I’m very slow and always have to have reference images) and I would love to know how to sew but it’s such a time consuming hobbie to start from scratch!


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