Tuesday Photo Challenge #9 – Build

Hello Everyone!

For today’s Tuesday Photo Challenge, I bring you another photo from that morning in Berlim (check out my previous post about that day), in which I want to address the subject of creativity. Here we have some urban art on a pretty normal german street, which seems a pile of “garbage” wrapped up with some rope but it also have some soul on the objects it’s grabbing. And I really love ladders because they symbolize moving up/foward and its associated with a really beautiful movement that I’ll bring to you in the future #buildaladder .

For me, the most powerfull skill everyone can have is being resourcefull – if you manage to create something (specially to fulfill a need or solve a problem) when you have no materials to do it, you are an artist in your field. I don’t know what this art piece was about, but the fact that it is totally unexpected to me and that made me apreciate it more.

That’s it for today!

Don’t forget to check Dutch’s blog bellow for more information on this challenge!

See you soon*


Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #85: Build

Image Credits: Mara’s Artistry

Camera: Canon 600D; 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II

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