Have you seen it? Project Runway S16 Season Finale!

Hello Everyone!

After a week, I bring you the final runway show! As you know, Brandon, Margarita, Kentaro and Ayana went to fashion week! Since there are four collections, I’m going to show you the video of the runway and two photos of my favorite looks.

Let’s start the show!

Brandon Kee (24) #DesignerBrandon

Brandon’s collection was exactly what it was expected of it. Very sleek, busy and modern clothes. I wish he added more fabric to the collection, it bothers me it is all flamingos.

These were my favorite designs. The crop top from the first look is my favorite piece from this collection since the begin, when Brandon initially showed it to Tim Gunn. The dress on the second photo is beautiful, I would totally buy it!


Margarita Alvarez (30) #DesignerMargarita

Margarita’s collection was a lot of color for my taste, but I’m neither the judge or the customer target of her clother. Nevertheless, I think her collection turned out amazing and she totally deserved this place on the competition! Good job Margarita!

As for my favorite pieces, these were the selected. The first cocktail dress is amazing and the see-through seems really flawless; as for the second, I love that coat! I would prefer to see it with an all black outfit, but the piece itself inspired by Margarita’s old ugly ’90s couch is very unique.

I need to congratulate Jazzmine Carthon, for making a point not only for plus size women, but also to show the fashion industry that you can make the most exciting moment of the runway even when the society tells you can’t!



Ayana Ife (27) #DesignerAyana

She was the one that surprised me the most. I liked most of Ayana’s designs through the competition, but she never did something to make my jaw fall, you know? Up until the end, she really showed her talent in this runway! If it was based only on this runway, I would want Ayana to win!

The first look I would wear it right now if I had it – beautifil and effortless dress. The second one, it’s a new take on the wedding dress and it turned out to be the most spectacular piece of this runway! No other contestant have a piece this strong.


Kentaro Kameyama (38) #DesignerKentaro

Kentaro made the show with his original music for the runway. That already shows he is the most creative one of them all. Fashion wise, he does the most impecable clothes on this competition. I don’t think the looks by themselves are tremendous, but the collection (with the music ofc) tells a beautiful story.

These were the most comercial pieces and with that, the ones that I would want for my personal closet. I loved the first look, the pants were amazing and I’m always up for some cutted top. The second one, is made of an amazing red and with those latex nude pants makes it really dreamy for me.

And with that, the WINNER IS… KENTARO!

Don’t forget he did not only won the competition: he will colaborate with JCPenney (starting with the comercialization of this collection), get Brother sewing and embridery machines, Avon’s makeup and beauty products (for a year), a Lexus and a lifetime supply of Frixion erasable pen and – the funniest of all – an all expense paid trip to Japan! That, with the Marie Claire spread and the 100.000$, will sure make Kentaro the next big designer on the run!

Did you agreed with the winner? Who was your favorite?

Let me know on the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Credits: Lifetime

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