Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 13

Hello Everyone!

On the last episode, all five contestants got the chance to show on NY Fashion Week! Every designer would be receiving 10.000$ budget on a 10 look collection. But, unfortunately, not everyone is showing in NY – there will be only 3 spots.

The designers were sent home to work and had to come back with a two-look preview of the collection. As usual, Tim Gunn did visits on everyone to see how they were doing, the inspiration for the collection and how the process is coming through. At this point, Kenya has the most beautiful sketches and designs, but I didn’t liked the colors and the textiles (neither did Tim) and Kentaro’s has the most diverse collection so far.

Brandon Kee (24) #DesignerBrandon

Brandon did his Brandon thing and it was all compliments. He was immediately chosen to go to fashion week.

Kentaro Kameyama (38) #DesignerKentaro

As Nina pointed out, Kentaro’s so conceptual that the clothes end up not having that emotional connection with the audience. He also told a totally different story about the collection from what he told Tim on the midway critique, which made me a little confused. Despite all of that, his skills granted him a spot on the finale!

Ayana Ife (27) #DesignerAyana

Ayana didn’t wanted to preview these two looks, she wanted to show two similar dresses that are her style, but Tim advised her to show something to surprise the judges. And it pay off, she was also chosen to fashion week!

Kenya Freeman (37) #DesignerKenya

The judges liked Kenya’s looks, but they had styling and fitting problems. Nevertheless, I found her collection amazing! Unfortunatelly, it was not enough to go to finale.

Margarita Alvarez (30) #DesignerMargarita

Margarita’s inspiration were so fun, because I related so much – she was inspired by her parents couch, from photos she was looking from the 90’s, where she was playing with her cousins and all the memories of that living room were happy, and those couch colors were always present. She did a “porto rico” street wear that really catched the judges eyes! And for that, she is going to fashion week!

What did you think of this episode?

Did you agree with these finalists?

Leave your opinions bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime

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