Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 9

Hello Everyone!

On the beginning of this episode, we recap the Claire Drama and find out the final decison. So, as Michael left the stage and Margarita tries to find him, Batani tries to explain the judges what’s going on. All of the contestants return, Michael apologizes for the outburst and they exposed Claire. I find it really disrespectful of the judges to make assumptions of the situation based on Michael’s atitude and didn’t even bother to try to validate the contestants’ concerns  – above all Yolanda Hadid, who critiqued Michael’s opinion and she doesn’t even know the contestants to have such a strong statement of the situation.

After that, Tim was investigating the case and the production decided Claire disrespected the rules – bringing measuring tape to the house (the contestants cannot have access to sewing materials out of the work room). It was NOT illegal to measure her own pants for reference, the problem was it happened outside the work room. I was very shooked she was sent home, I really thought they would just take the price away (which they also did). With that, Dixie also choose another winner for the print production for the coffee cups and Brandon’s print was the favorite!


With that conclusion, “nobody” got eliminated – Batani was going home, but she took “Claire’s spot”. On this episode, when the designers arrive on the runway, it was filled with kids, toys and child furniture. Brandon starts to panic with the thinking of it being a children look challenge. It was a lot more fun than that. With Kotomi Nanjo – U.S. Marketing Director of Shopkins – Tim Gunn presented the challenge: each child had with her favorite Shopkins Shoppies doll and the designers were asked to create an avant garde look after receiving direction from the superfan and her doll.


I didn’t knew this brand or its dolls, but I liked them so much! And the little girls too, their requests for the designers were simple – they wanted fun, glittler and big! With no futher due, let’s start the show!

Brandon Kee (24) #DesignerBrandon


I think it was a safe dress this time. His doll was Peppamint, but there’s infinite possibilities of green. For an avant garde look it was too simple for my taste and I really dislike that green. Nevertheless, it was classic Brandon and he deserved all the compliments that he received from the judges!

Amy Bond (46) #DesignerAmy


I was glad Amy changed her design to a more “Amy” version. As an avant garde look, it was very poor. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the look, I would totally wear it! But as for the challenge, it was really a miss – too simple, sober and urban. For that she ended up being eliminated and I really hope she keeps designing, because I really like the style she presents.

Margarita Alvarez (30) #DesignerMargarita


The sketch gave me a a completely different vision of what the outfit would be. I imagined something Ayana like – with the ruffles and the volume – and fairytale like. I hated it, it look totally random placing to me, even though I really like the fabrics.

Michael Brambila (25) #DesignerMichael


Michael’s inspiration was a disco ball, with a bit of liquid metal. His concept totally burst out on the outfit, it was very sleek and well made. After all the bad critique from last week, he storming out of the stage and all the Claire drama, it was so nice to something working out for him! This week he proved his talent, the judges loved it and gave him the win of this week!

Batani-Khalfani (32) #DesignerBatani


Once again, Batani had let me down. I was really excited when I saw her pick those prints in Mood, I thought she was going to make a really cool dress, athleisure inspired with those flowers. It turned out a total mess. The left side of the dress is wide open, showing a black underskirt/ shorts. The judges questioned why that opening and Batani said she liked the black showing – which convinced nobody, specially Zac. Unfortunatelly, she did not make the best out of this last opportunity and Heidi said Auf Wiedersehen. I hope she finds her inspiration back and try to enter the show again!

Ayana (27) #DesignerAyana


Ayana’s look was the most adequate of them all! Fun, big, happy and avant garde. The super bow make the construction very light and cute! I hated the leggins but I admit it turned the look more wimsical. Up close I thought it has some messy details, like thread hanging out but that’s a minor observation! I didn’t mind if she was the winner this week, particularly because on the begining of the challenge she said she was determined to get out of the safe zone and stand out this week, and she really did! Good job Ayana!

What did you think of this episode?

Did you agreed with the double elimination?

Let me know on the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime

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