My Trend Reports #4 – Spectrum X Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you a summer launch that I only found now, but it’s related to Mean Girls, so I have to show you!

As I said in a previous post, Storybook Cosmetics is creating a Mean Girls Eyeshadow palette, that now have a launch date – November 1st. I then revealed to you my passion for Mean Girls and I just found the cuttest brushes inspired by the movie.

Spectrum is a vegan british brand that produces makeup brushes and accessories. They intent to be the leader on creating professional tools, with the most trending design. They say “Vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert, hand-crafted design to ensure your brushes are not only beautiful but offer exceptional quality”.

spectrum launch party mean girls 13

This partnership with Paramount Pictures brings you four products:

10-Piece Fetch Set – 64.99$

This brush set includes brushes A01, A05, A07, A10, A16, A17, A21, B01, B06 and C01.

I thought it was so adorable to have different quotes on each brush!


Mini Burn Book + Brush Set – 94.99$


Full Size Burn Book – 64.99$

Full Size Brush Case with capacity for 18 large handle makeup brushes, 10 medium handle makeup brushes and12 small handle makeup brushes.

big book

 Acrylic Storage Size Three – 29.99$

and Size One – 14.99$


What did you think of the collection?

I would like to try the brushes, but the item that I really wanted to buy if it wasn’t so expensive was the Full Size Burn Book. How cool would I be if that was my makeup brush case?! That’s my dream.

What product did you liked the most?

Let me know on the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Spectrum Collections

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