Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 8

Hello Everyone!

So this week’s episode was very intense, as it begins with the twins face off!

Shawn immediatelly freaks out when they start to work on the challenge. Claire tries to calm her down, saying the look doesn’t have to be pretty, they just have to show their personal style. Shawn decides to let Tim know she wants to stand back and let Claire stay in the competition. They announced the decisions to the judges and Shan said goodbye. She justified it as she admited Claire carried her sometimes in the competition and she deserves to be there more. If that’s really how Shawn feels, that she couldn’t suceed by herself, I think it was a very noble atittude. However, if that’s just a move to convince the judges that Claire is good enough to say, it makes me sad because I think Shawn is more talented. I’m thrilled to see Claire’s own creations from now on!


After all that drama and tears, the challenge presented by Teresa Bossom, Brand Bluilding Leader from Dixie and had big prizes: the winner will receive 25.000 dolars and the look and print will inspire a Dixie coffee cup, to be purchase on store and online.

The contestants had to design a look for crew members’ family and friends, in two days! The theme was the “woman on the go”, so they had to had in mind not only the beauty but also the confort and the practical aspect of the outfit. With a bonus – they would create their own print that had to be included on the look. They had a 30 minute consult with the client, 20 minutes for print design and a trip to mood for additional materials.

The guest judge were Yoland Hadid (host of Making a Model) and actress Sophia Stallone.

Let’s start the show!

Batani-Khalfani (32) #DesignerBatani


Batani had a rough time this week (again). She miscalculated the scale of the print, so her idea of watercolour flowers was lost because the flowers were to far apart on the fabric, which missed the hole effect that she wanted. She tried to make a new “print”, cutting the flowers and put them together, in the details. The print ended up awful, I hate the colour of the dress and although it has a cute back and fits nice on the client, it’s just ugly. Batani keeps disappointing week after week and I think she needs to step up her game or she will leave soon. She’s supposed to be the print queen and was uninspired on the challenge that she could easily win.

Kentaro Kameyama (38) #DesignerKentaro


Nothing much to add, another effortless, sophisticated, beautiful and perfectly made look by Kentaro. The fact that this was his first all colour look and it’s an area he’s not used to, the print and the colour combination was on point. Heidi alerted that the model was too petit for that amount of fabric, but I really don’t mind, she looks very elegant. Everyone loved it and for me, Kentaro has to be in the final! I was disappointed he didn’t won this week.

Kenya Freeman (37) #DesignerKenya


For me, Kenya has to stick to what she does best – classic peplum pieces that look stunning. This was not a hit because of the proportions – peplum on the top and on the bottom, the skirt was too tight around the hips and the top length with the the peplum starting on the bust made the models waist shorter. Other than that, the print was fine, the details on the top were amazing and this style fits the model really good!

Michael Brambila (25) #DesignerMichael


Michael’s look was on the bottom and I don’t think it’s as bad as the judges thought. they criticized the pant design, the print, the shape of the top, almost everything. I agree when Nina says that pants must be made for a taller person, but I don’t think looks bad on the model! Because they’re well fitted, the pants give a modern vibe to her and I don’t think the extra fabric makes her that much bigger. The top is totally normal – the biggest critique that I can make is that I think I’ve saw that top a million times, and the judges hated it. And, more important, the client loved the outfit! So I think the judges were a little harsh.

Claire Buitendorp (27) #DesignerClaire


After all the Drama with Shawn, Claire had the opportunity to show that she is talented by herself. She had been paired with a client that doesn’t like print so she decided to make a graphic bold pattern that ended up amazing on those pants. Design wise, her first move was to make a top exactly like Margarita’s shirt dress from last week. All the designers could see that she wasn’t doing original work (again) and Margarita was really upset. On the consult, Tim advised Claire she already made a top like that and to be more inovative – making Margarita even more frustrated! Despite the final look not being a rip off, I don’t know if Claire is that naive or is just playing it. Nevertheless, the look was very cute, well constructed and the client loved it. I would wear it too, specially the top!

Margarita Alvarez (30) #DesignerMargarita


This week was a nightware for Margarita. After last week’s win, she should have been confident to work, but everything went wrong. She was having doubts on the print making but she was satisfied with the result, until the actual fabric came – it was a bright fuscia with that big blue details. She dyed the fabric and it toned down the colours, making it much better. On the design process, with all that anger inside due to the Claire situation, she couldn’t have ideas to make it better, she ended up no having enough fabric, fixing the dress with that pink which made it worst. It was a total mess, she knew it and apologized to the judges. I think Margarita is a great designer and this was just a low moment. Luckly for her, she had the last immunity and could not be eliminated.

As you can see, nobody got elimitated. Why? Because “the twin” drama continues without the “other twin”. As I said, Margarita was very frustrated about Claire’s work and atittude – and she predicted that the judges would love her look, even if the pants are made from a pair Claire owns and the top was her (Margarita’s) shirt dress from last week. And that’s exactly what happened – Claire was announced the winner of the challenge.


With that information, Michael immediately leaves the stage with no word. The judges get confused, Claire gets confused (or fakes it) and no one wants to tell what’s going on. Michael talks to Tim, saying the game is not being fair and that’s not the way he wants to compete. After this bomb, they show the preview of the next episode, so we have to wait and see!

What do you think is going to happen?

Will Claire still be the winner after being exposed?

Will anyone get eliminated on the challenge?

Let me know on the comments bellow!


See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. It is so annoying that the episode ended with a major cliffhanger again. Twice in a row is too much. Anyway, I don’t know if Claire would be disqualified because she supposedly took the measuring tape back to measure her pants, so that she can mimic the same pattern. Hopefully Michael doesn’t choose to leave the show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are changing up the alignment of the show a lot aren’t they? I don’t think Claire should be disqualified, but I think she doesn’t deserve the win on the challenge either – specially because the prize is a big amount of money. And it’s not about the pant measuring (I mean, I don’t think that’s cheating, some people now how to make patterns and some don’t), it’s about the all journey on the show and about her promises to be a unique designer and keeps making average work and getting credit . Omg yeah, I hope Michael is just upset, I dont want him to leave!


  2. Kentaro’s look was my pick for the winner this week. I completely disagreed with Heidi’s comment about the model “swimming in the fabric”. I felt like that was part of the appeal to me. As if she was swimming in a sea of bright colors. She looked so elegant!


      1. I’m not even sure, honestly. To be even more honest, I’m still not entirely sure who was on top, and who was on the bottom! Lol

        I have a feeling that perhaps Batani will be the one going home, strictly from a design standpoint for this challenge. She hardly used any print.


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