Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 7

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late post but I didn’t want to let it pass. The post schedule is up again, so don’t miss next friday’s “Have you seen it?” to check out who will be eliminated on episode 8!

But for now, let’s review episode 7! It’s called “The Ultimate Faceoff” and started at a JCPenney location. There was a group of male models wearing JCP’s clothes that relate to specific fabrics – each model has two contestant names, that atributes the fabrics to the designers. The contestants were scared – first because they immediately assumed it was a menswear challenge, next because Tim Gunn announced it would be done in teams of two. They thought they would be paired by fabric, but the famous button bag made its appearence and the only rule was that they could not pair with someone with the same fabric.

After the pairing was done, one team member was allowed to go to mood on a 200$ to buy complementary fabric and materials, for a more cohesive collaboration. This episode’s ghest judge was the actress Asia Kate Dillon, from tv show Billions.

Let’s start the show!

Kentaro & Brandon

#DesignerKentaro | #DesignerBrandon

ken - bran

The looks were awesome. Trendy, cool, cozy, confortable and versatile. You can mix everything of both looks and make it work, for general consumer this is an amazing feature because you can produce a lot of looks with few pieces. Kentaro and Brandon are best friends and they just proved they can work as a team as well. They’ve got the most cohesive collection and every judge loved their work. They seemed a little sad when they realized they weren’t the winning team, but I don’t think they could have predicted that – like, they did nothing wrong, it just went that way. Good job guys!

Amy & Kenya

#DesignerAmy | #DesignerKenya

amy - kenya

This group had its rough path. Amy and Kenya ended up not agreeing with each other creative choices and it wasn’t a real team work. Amy’s look was awfull, I don’t get the fabric, the design or even the stitching – which does not mean it wasn’t well done. About Kenya’s, I disappointed both on the look but on her atittude as well. She seemed like a really focused and tolerant person, but I hated her behavior with Amy to a point it was almost disrespectfull to her. But we’re here to review the clothes and her look was boring. I don’t think they’re a match and the styling was bad as well, as Heidi and Nina pointed out, they aged the models a lot. I think they should have been the losing team, but they were safe.

Batani & Margarita

#DesignerBatani | #DesignerMargarita

batani - marg

On the total opposite side, comparing to Amy and Kenya, Batani and Margarita collaboration went really well. Although I don’t recognize Batani on this dress, I think it turned out so beautiful. Margarita’s look was my favorite of the bunch, I would wear it all the time (both of the dresses!)! They were the winning team and Margarita was crowned the winner. It was well deserved, and after last week’s close elimination, she could really use this boost of confidence. Well done girls!

Michael & Ayana

#DesignerMichael | #DesignerAyana


They were saved from the beginning, so the judges didn’t critique them, but I wanted to show their craft anyway. I would wear everything and that’s why they were immediately saved – the looks are well done, cohesive and modern, that’s what was expected and that’s what this team delievered. Keep up the good work!

Shawn & Claire

#DesignerShawn | #DesignerClaire


OMG, Zac Posen was brutal on his critique. He hated everything about both looks! To the point where he said he was very disappointed on the twins and that, at this time, he doesn’t believe they have a brand. Everyone was so harsh on their opinions I almost felt bad for them. But let’s be honest, the looks aren’t that bad – like, there were so many awful things on this runway. The clothes are well made, I think they’re cohesive – that’s another problem, the twins always work together, we know who did what (because we watch the work room and they work together on every piece) but the judges don’t know. I think the dress, not being good, is not bad, as the model make it work. On Claire’s look, I wouldn’t wear any of it except, maybe, the shirt – which Zac said it was ugly and unnecessary on the fashion world, but I don’t find it that bad.

Being the loosing team, the twins would have to be separated from now on. But that’s the twist – nobody got eliminated. Since the judges don’t know what skills belongs to which twin, they made a new challenge – they both have 1 hour to make a new look. They have equal fabric and the rule is theu can’t help each other.

But that’s for the next episode! From the preview I expect a lot of tears.

My personal wish is for Shawn to stay. Claire didn’t show her potential as much as her sister, and for me that’s a bigger issue than the technical skills – you need to be able to stand up for your work and be proud of it, instead of neglecting it for the sake of others. I’m up for helping the other contestants, always, because I think you should win because of your talent and not because something went wrong with the time management of the other designers. And also, when Heidi asked who should go home, Shawn quickly nominated herself to be eliminated. Despite not agreeing with some of Shawn attitudes in the past, here she really showed compassion, while her sister just let her do it.

Anyway, this is a designer competition and let the best designer win!

That’s it for today! Who do you think is going to eliminated? Shawn or Claire?

Let me know on the comments bellow!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Lifetime

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