Tuesday Photo Challenge #5 – Hour

Hello Everyone!

Last week I was away from blogging, so I missed the challenge, but I though the theme was very unique!

But today’s topic is a little more ambiguous than the other ones I entered so far, and it’s about ‘Hour’ – not only about the time concept but also the moments around each hour of the day.

So, “my hour”, it’s from 20h to 21h ( 8-9 pm), depending on the season – for example, today it was from 19h to 20h (it’s Fall already). The sunset is my favorite time of the day and it has the most beautiful light you’ll ever see. Despite my aesthetic being a little more dark and cold lighted (like in the majority of my photoshoots or my moodboards), the hour the sky becomes orange, I always feel happier and calmer.


On this week, I present you with two photos that reflect the beautiful orange light I love so much. I want to make a disclaimer – none of the photos were altered. I usually enhance some vibrance, saturation, shadows or highlights, but in this case, I decided not to, so you can see its true beauty. The feature image was taken in the Summer of 2015, by my hometown’s dike and the other one was in Algarve (Portugal), also in the Summer (2013).

I hope you liked my entry for Dutch Goes the Photo! Tuesday Photo Challenge!

I’m sorry about last week’s hiatus, I promise I’ll make it up to you by upgrading my content.

What was your entry for the challenge? Share it with me on the comments!

See you soon*



Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge #77: Hour

Camera: Canon 600D; 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II



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