My Trend Reports #3 – Luxie Beauty Princess Jasmine Brush Set

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m bringing you another launch, this time Disney inspired!

This is Luxie Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free company founded by Tammy Huynh and her husband Michael Tran in 2014. Their main product is high-quality synthetic brushes, however they have two eye palettes and some accessories (like brush cases).


The brush set I present to you today, is an official colaboration between Luxie and Disney. On this year’s D23 Expo – for those of you who don’t know, D23 Expo is a Disney convention, with panels, previews, screennings, artists and exhibitions, just like a Comic Con – the company announced this launch, and it became available for purchase today!


With Princess Jasmine as inspiration, this brush set is filled with passion for adventure and rebellion, in a graceful and royal way. I was really excited to see what it would look like, because I really love Aladdin (despite Jasmine not being my favorite princess) as a movie, and really like Jasmine’s aesthetics!

The set has 6 brushes, three for the face and three for the eyes.


The 6 Piece Brush Set includes the following:


They cost 95$ dolars (80€) and the company has free shipping in the US for purchases over 50$. Outside the Brush Set, Luxie still has a Jasmine Special Edition powder brush (518) for 40$.


Design wise, I think the Brush Set looks amazing, from the brushed to the packaging. I didn’t hear much about this collection, I don’t know if this brand is not very popular yet on the beauty market, but they’re products surely are beautiful!

They also have a Wonder Woman Face Brush Set that looks really cool, check it out if you are interested! (I didn’t talk about that set when I got to know it, because I didn’t see the Wonder Woman movie yet and I felt it would be a little hipocrit, since it’s not a theme dear to my heart).

What did you think of this launch? Would you buy any of these products?

Let me know on the comments!

See you soon*


Image Credits: Luxie Beauty



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