Blogging University – Thoughts on Fundamentals

Hello Everyone!

So today was my last day of the Blogging Fundamentals!

Although I did all the assignments, I didn’t used it as prompt on the blog, as I first intended to do. Sometimes because I received the email with the assignment after my post of the day, or just because it didn’t have an relation with the topic I was talking about.

I intend to do more of this course, but next time I will surely be more organized!


These were the assignments of the last few days:

Day 10: Build a better Blogroll – Check out my favorite blogs on the sidebar!

Day 11: Make a Prompt – Surely will use the writing prompts, for non-inspired days!

Day 12: Make some new connections – I’m being more interactive on the comments;

Day 13: Build your brand – Blog Icon;

Day 14: Create your own feature – I have ‘Have you seen it?’ and ‘My Trend Reports’


And now, the most important part. How did these past two weeks of blogging U changed my blog?

Yes! Not just because of the the course, I was also motivated to try new things and get more features on the blog – that with the advice from The Daily Post, made these last day very good in traffic.

But I also want to know about you! Are you interested in Blogging University?

Let me know in the comments!


See you soon*


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog recently – congrats on completing your blogging fundamentals workshopping with WordPress/BloggingU. I’m guessing it’s a lot like the oldskool blogging101 but an updated version. Your blog looks really cool & well-organised & impressive variety of posts tho’ no time yet to read here so far but will head back later.

    I found the BloggingU stuff really helpful and it kick-started some really good learning experiences (tech/writing/poetry/lit.appreciation) as well as finding a really nice online network of blogging ‘neighbours’. I slacked off too much when I tried the newer email version of I.C.and stalled at day1 or2, but can pick it up again along the way of things at some point. In comparison to the way it worked when they ran the Commons sites for the learner groups it seems a lot quieter and not as easy to connect with other bloggers but not impossible and less likely to form cliques that way too. If ever I write anything longform enough I might try the writing201 draft-editing but it’s maybe not likely that I’ll ever get longform underway. Too scatty. And still trying to refresh my former blogging habit and get myself back to it better. But first I need to make more effort to squeeze time in my day for reading for enjoyment. Seems very quiet in the virtual world lately but weather etc breaks the net some places I guess. hope all is well in your part of the world. Happy blogging!


    1. Hi Colette! I agree that Blogging University is a good head-start but from what I read on the blogs I found along the way, they have the same opinion as you: everything now is much low profile than it was before. I think it’s because the large amount of blogs being created nowadays, it’s “easy” for it to became a big deal (lots of followers, brand deals, and so on), so it’s hard for newly blogs to gain a big community – and finding the time to do it! Even the Discover page (it had another name that I don’t recall right now), from what I learned it was a big help before but now it’s very hard “to be discovered”. But that’s not why I’m here, so I’ll keep working on my blog on my own pace 🙂

      Btw, in my part of the world everything is fine, but all summer long Portugal’s forest was on fire, devastating a lot of houses, lives and natural sights; it seems nature is turning against humanity all around the globe 😦


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