2017 EMMY Awards – Worst Red Carpet Looks

Hello Everyone!

So, after the first post about the best looks of the 69º Emmy Awards, here it comes – the category that most of the people are waiting to see, the worst ones!

I just want to make a disclaimer here: being on the worst looks list, doesn’t mean the people aren’t beautiful or the dress isn’t good! Somethings off with the look, and contrary to what happens on the Best looks list – I just like it and that’s it, I don’t really need to justify it – I’m going to tell you all the reasons the gowns are in this category.

Let’s start the show!

Mandy Moore


My dear Rebecca Pearson, she’s so lovely and this Carolina Herrera is really pretty from the back, but it’s front is awfull. The flat corset looks so tight and those ruffles do nothing for her figure. Neverthless, on some websites she is on the best dressed list!

Kathryn Hahn


She chose vintage Courreges couture strapless black dress featuring circular sequin designs that makes an awfull pattern on her figure.

Ariel Winter


She is such a beautiful girl, I don’t understand why she always have to dress provocatively. Her body is on point and she looks stuning with any piece or garbage, so why show so much skin all the time? At such young age? Ariel you’re very talented and cute, you don’t need “this kind of promotion” at all.

The dress – Steven Khalil couture gown – is not that bad, but the embroidery with that skirt just reminds me of a street fighter cosplay.

Debra Messing


This burgundy is such a beautiful color that complements perflecty a copper/red hair. I love Debra, she is an amazing actress, and this look would be fine if this Romona Keveža didn’t look like an oily rubber bag.

There are other bad looks, but are so different that I’ll talk about them on the next (and last) part of these posts about the 2017 Emmy Awards Red Carpet!

Do you agree with me? Was your least favorite outfit of last night’s show?

See you soon*


Image Credits: Getty Images

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