Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 5

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday’s episode was called “Descending into Good and Evil” and the presentation of challenge took place in the Lyndhurst Castle, the beautiful set of the Disney Channel movie Descendants 2!


With the guest judges Dove Cameron (who plays Mal, Maleficient’s daughter) and China Anne McClaine (who plays Uma, Ursula’s daughter), Tim Gunn introduced the look: an evening gown inspired by Good or Evil within a two-day work time and 300$ budget.

Now, to the looks!

The Good

Brandon Kee (24) #DesignerBrandon


The judges loved it. They said it’s innovative, the best fabric choice of them all and that Brandon keeps showing particular details that make all the difference. I agree with it, I loved Brandon from the start as you know, and despite finding this dress really cool and original, it is not one of my favorites. It was the winner of this challenge and for me it would have been safe – again, with no disrespect or devaluation of Brandon’s work and imagination. It was a good modern take on the evening gown.

Aaron Myers (23) #DesignerAaron


On of the worst I’ve seen on Project Runway. Everything was falling, ripping, threads everywhere and I think that even if it was perfectly finished, it would be on the bottom anyway. Aaron is trying so much to prove that he’s good enough and that energy should be directed to actually make something! He ended up being home because the judges didn’t think he was ready for the competition.

Claire Buitendorp (27) #DesignerClaire


As I said last week, the separation of the twins would have an impact on their design. For the first time, they had different assignments: Claire got Good and Shawn got Evil. It gave Shawn space to be herself and making a beautiful garment (it was safe, but it was the one that I would surely wear), while Claire became a little lost on the design process. She didn’t know what to do with the fabrics she bought on Mood and having doubts about every decision. That led to this runway look: I don’t think it’s awfull (Aaron already took that trophy), it’s just meh. I would never wear it, the shiny fabric don’t do anything for the dress, I don’t like the fact that the underneath shorts are white, the tule is fine but not good enought, etc etc. The judges didn’t find it horrendous, just expected and flat. She was safe and I didn’t like her attitude about it, like she thought she didn’t deserve to be on the bottom and it wasn’t “that big of a deal”. Even if her “nomination” was unfair, I think all of them should be humble about the fact of being there, where so much talented designers went home / didn’t even got it the show.

The Evil

Kenya Freeman (37) #DesignerKenya


As Heidi Klum said, it has all the ingredients to go bad, but it works! From the odd fabric, to the ruffles to the colour, everything is on balance. Personally, I loved the concept of the tuxedo with little feminine details (instead of the obvious long dress) and the decision making was great in the end. The only thing that bothers me is the pants – I would like the to be skinny instead of straight, just because I think it looks weird on the ankle. Neverthless, good job Kenya!

Michael Brambila (25) #DesignerMichael


One of my favorites of the night – the model did a great job showing the design, she looks so powerfull, sophisticated and fierce. The fabric was outstanding, the cape and the head piece together makes her a queen! Everybody love it, and Michael proved once more that he is in it to win it!

Samantha Rei (36)  #DesignerSamantha


This was a real bummer for me, because I really like Samantha’s style – specially everything that she wears (and are her designs as well). On the critique, Tim warned her that it looked like a craft project and she would have to step it up. She tried, but it didn’t went the best way. The pattern don’t speak to me, but it’s kind of acceptable – but the bottom is a mess, I don’t like where it begins, the length, I hate everything. Zac Poser said something very shady and true “I don’t find it evil, I don’t find it anything”, but that’s it – it’s not awfull, it just don’t work and has no appeal. But fortunately she was safe and has one more opportunity to show her work!

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Let me know on the comments bellow!

See you soon*


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Image Credits: Lifetime


  1. Hey there! I agree with you about Brandon’s design. It’s nice, but not sure if he should be the winner. Then again, there wasn’t really one outfit that really stood out.

    I also noticed Claire’s attitude, especially after she said she wasn’t going to grovel and say “thank you, I’ll do better next week”. Can’t wait to see what is going to happen next week! Seems like there’s some drama based on the previews. Maybe it has to do with the twins. It’s pretty obvious now that Shawn is the better designer out of the two of them.


    1. Yeah, this kind of atittude from the twins are a shame because they’re very talent and could both go far on the competition, but at this point I think they won’t – at least together, because they don’t know how to deal with the pressure. Or maybe Tim Gunn will use his special save to keep them together!

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