Blog Design #1 – The inspiration

Hello everyone!

Last week I mentioned that I would like to make a series on this blog about its design evolution. It’s not totally finished yet and therefore, you could be a part of that makeover and be updated about the ideas and aesthetics decisions! Here’s the first chapter of that journey!

On that post, I said I was inspired by a photoshoot I did to my Teen Vogue x Parsons course of Fashion Industry Essentials. We had to do an inspiration board and a related photoshoot showing our style – who we are, how we want to present ourselves and experimenting on branding design.

First things first, the colour palette:

I knew that I wanted to do something with that kind of green. It’s not a colour that I use a lot on my wardrobe (have some pieces and some accessories but nothing much), but I use it a lot on makeup because I think it’s versatile, it’s captivative on a metallic shade and it goes well with my brown eyes and fair sking. I did a pinterest research on the colours that popped to my eye and on some reference images that inspired me:

What did you think of that combination? Check out my pinterest for the full inspirational board.

On the next chapter I will show you the photoshoot and the final assignment.

Don’t forget to follow to the blog if you want to keep up the this design journey!


See you soon*


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Image credits: Pinterest


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