What is Mara’s Artistry?

Hello everyone!

On Day 2 of Blogging University: Learning the Fundamentals we were asked to talk about the origin of our title and tagline. So I’m telling you about the first design of this blog and maybe on a future post, how it became the one it is now.

The name was kind of easy – I wanted “my brand” to have my name on it, because it’s not a very common name and that kind of made it special, although it’s not on my favorite name list. I want it to be about arts and crafts, but not exclusively – I wanted to talk about photography, cinema, books and fashion. Artistry, for me, is the art of creating something beautiful in an intelligent way. So I didn’t spend that much time on the name, like one day or two. For the tagline, I read “Art is where work meets love” somewhere and that made sense with my artistry concept – creating with passion transforms hard work into joy.


This was the font of my previous layout and I had no tagline because I didn’t like the position it was in, on the template. I could show the evolution of the fonts choice, but I intend to make a series about the evolution of the blog’s entire design – color palette, background, inspiration, who it was when I started and what changed – let me know if that’s something you’d enjoy to hear about!

What’s the origin of your blog’s name? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon*



  1. Hey! Your blog is actually untitled through the Reader feed, so you’ll have to edit that to Mara’s Artistry in settings, or by customising the theme. Just don’t forget to Publish, so it’s live. 🙂


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