Who am I and why I’m here!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a fan of blogging since I was a teenager, but never really had the idea of making it a recognized hobbie – I was shy and afraid to put my words out there, nobody knew about my blogs (not “nobody” but just 1 ou 2 friends), didn’t had the motivation to keep it on or just didn’t consider my work good enough.

Last year I started Mara’s Artistry because I was enrolled on a course by The New School Parsons NY with Teen Vogue, for a certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials. One of our main assignments was to learn how have an online voice, show the world our brand and create a blog to do, where we were supposed to post some of the other assignments. If you want to check out the things I learn, all the posts are in the category “TeenVogueXParsons”. The time I was doing it was fun, the feedback from the audience was good (didn’t had many followers, comments or likes, but the ones I had were positive) but as soon as my assignments were done, I was done blogging (for the exception of reviewing Project Runway). And now, I decided that I want to make this a solid space, where I can be creative and share with you all that I have to say.

For that, and since I’m new (well, I’m here since last year, but you get it) to this platform, I want to make the best out of it, so I entered myself on WordPress’ Blogging University. Although I don’t think I need to do all the classes – photography for instance, I have done workshops on digital photography and post-production – but I’m gonna do them all for three reasons:

a) It’s an easy way to bring content to the blog – I will share with you what I’m learning and maybe some of you may find it useful information and want to try as well;

b) You’ll get to know a little bit more about me and that will motivate me to interact more with you as well;

c) I’m a little perfectionist and the kind of person that “goes all the way or it’s not worthy of going at all” and this exercise will help me find the balance – I will do every classe, but the “exercises” are daily, so I don’t have the time to think it through and have doubts about it’s “quality”.

With all that said, I hope you like this new chapter of the blog and maybe learn some things for your own blog!

If you want to know more about Blogging University, check it here.

See you soon*


Day 1 of Blogging University: Learning the Fundamentals

– Who am I and Why I’m here!

Image credits: Mara’s Artistry



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