Tuesday Photo Challenge #2 – Water

Hello Everyone!

First of all, let me thank you for all the feedback from the last week challenge! It was my first time entering my photos on these kind of challenges and your response was so welcomy and positive that it really made my day!

Today, Dutch goes the Photo! presented the theme for his #73 Tuesday Photo Challenge – Water. For me, when I hear it, I immediately think of nature – the sea, the river, the waterfall – and I love it! I love swimming, on sea and pool, I love rivers, bridges, waterfalls and hiking. And it really excited me as a topic, because I think it’s really difficult to capture the strenght and beauty of the sea.

So I present you two pictures that I took. The feature image of this post, and the photo bellow is the entering picture for the challenge:

tuesday photo chall 2 - water

Both of these photographs were taken in 2015, when me and my brother done a trip to Azores, S. Miguel island. This was a place we wanted to visit for a long time, mainly because our parents already visited two times and loved it. And it is a big part of my family history: my dad moved there when he was a baby and only return to the “continental” Portugal when he was six because my grandfather was a Marine Officer there for that time. I’ve always heard the most amazing opinions about the island and everything people say about Azores is true – beautiful landscapes, black sand beaches and the better looking meadows I’ve ever seen! When there’s a nature or green challenges, I’ll show you some pictures of the “greenest” fields you’ll ever see!

It is a pretty small island and since I travelled in December, the weather was a little off, which was a pain in the ass for my photographic records (tbh, at that time I didn’t knew enough about photography to use the features of my camera in their best way).

You weren’t there, so it was a lot of wind, the sea was hitting the rocks so hard and the mist of the sea was so dense and cold that I was always fogging up my lenses. Whenever I look at this scene (at a waterside) it mesmerizes me, because I perceive it as an infinite fight  – sometimes the sea is winning, but then it lows and the rocks are wining, and so on and on and on. And the conflict being in the middle of the picture is fascinating as well as the beautiful marble effect on the water.

Sorry for the long post! I hope I didn’t bother you with my nerd and conceptualized opinion about water (sometimes my psychology side gets out and never shuts up!)

Don’t forget to check out the round up from last week’s challenge and get to know the work of the other participants!

What challenges are you in? Let me know in the comments bellow!

See you soon*



Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge: Water

Camera: Canon 600D; 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II

Photo: F/5; 1/80 sec; 41 mm; ISO 100

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