Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 3

Hello Everyone!

On this episode, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn came on the runway dancing, inspired by the movie Leap (on Portugal they translated it to “Bailarina” and it premiere last month) – where an orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house (IMDb).

So, this week’s challenge is to create a fashionable look inspired by dance, movement and innovation.

It was an one-day challenge – 30min to sketch and trip to mood on a 250$ budget. The guest judge was Maddie Ziegler, the dance/actress from Leap! Let’s start the show!

Batani-Khalfani (32) #DesignerBatani


I couldn’t find a good picture of the cape of this outfit, but it was cutted in pieces and put together with sheer black fabric to resemble butterfly wings – that alone was amazing, but with this print, the look was breath taking. Batani’s style is not something I would wear, but it looks beautiful and she has the personality to put it out – on her designs and on herself! Every judge loved it!

Deyonté Weather (37) #DesignerDeyonte


This was not Deyonté’s week. First of all, I hate the colour. The fabrics kind of look nice, silky and moving, but the colour is like vomit (and it is not clear in the picture, on film it’s a little more like a lime green). I felt so sorry for him when he hurted himself on the sewing machine – bad fabric, work injury, he will not make it work this time. And it didn’t. Despite Deyonté being one of the judges favorite contestants, everyone hated this outfit – even more on the close up, where Heidi found a big mess on the back of it, he didn’t sew the garment, Deyonté pinned it. I already talked about this before, I don’t mind the mistakes, I mind with the lies – he was injured, he could be clear before and tell the judges he couldn’t finished it because of his hand. And it was not even an excuse, he is an amazing designer, we all saw it in the past, I believe this looked could have been more polished if he didn’t cut his finger.

Kentaro Kameyama (38) #DesignerKentaro


I loved this. I don’t care what the judges said – don’t get me wrong, I totally agree when they say it’s not innovative enough, that it’s too simple – but this was my favorite of all. Well cutted pieces, classic, sophisticated, right length, right proportions, I loved everything! Kentaro really has a special way to make simple things look exquisite. The skirt wasn’t finished and that made me a little sad, because I was so excited with this! But even so, as Heidi pointed out, you would never be on the worse dressed list with this!

Margarita Alvarez (30) #DesignerMargarita


First this sketch is beautiful, you can really visualize her thoughts. The judges liked this outfit and complemented Margarita on her construction skills. Design wise, I don’t have much to say, I don’t hate it but it doesn’t excites me. It being totally white didn’t favored it either. Style wise, I hated it – hated the shoes, hated the hat, hated the hair, it was supposed to be flamengo but it only reminded me of a country look.

Brandon Kee (24) #DesignerBrandon


Brandon proved everyone he is here to stay! He’s deconstructed style makes him create the most amazing pieces – and this jacket it’s gorgeous. It has so many different details, but it somehow comes together in harmony with the fabric, the shape and the proportions. As I said before, for someone who doesn’t design for women, he has an amazing talent. The judges loved it! And Brandon is such a lovely guy, always so shy and humble that it is even more cute that its talent matches the competition! He ended up being the winner of the week!

Kudzanai Karidza (32) #DesignerKudzanai


Well, last – and for me, least – look of the week. This was awful. When it came out on the runway, I thought the judges were goint to loved it –  sometimes they see beauty where I don’t, and I hated it so much that I thought it was my eye that was not seeing the potential. There’s too much going on, colours, ribbons, feathers and so on, in stranges places of the outfit – the only compliment that I can give it that it looks much better from the back than on the front. Without that sleeves and all the embleshiments, this could be a beautiful athleisure outfit. He was sent home, it was the right call, but I’m sad we didn’t saw a big breakout outfit from him.

What did you think of this episode? Share it with me in the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com

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