My Trend Reports #1

Hi Everyone!

So, this is a new segment on the blog that I will try to do every week – we hope that there will be content for that post frequency!

Here I’m going to talk to you about recent or up coming launches of products that I think are unique and special. Although I think it will end up being about make-up most of the times, it’s going to be about products that you don’t usually hear about – if you are trying to know about the Kylie Jenner collection ou Huda Beauty products, maybe this is not the space for you. But, if you want to know about pretty and really different products on the market, come on in! I’m not saying I won’t post about major Brands products, it’s just it isn’t the focus.

For you who don’t know this brand, Storybook Cosmetics is a vegan beauty company founded by identical triplets – Erin, Mandy and Missy. They always loved fantasy, sparkly and mystical stories, they integrated them on cosmetics.  From Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Beauty and the Beast, they produce make up and accessories that made the fans go crazy – when the wizard wand brushes Harry Potter inspired sold out imediatly.

So, today I’m gonna show you Storybook Cosmetics latest product – the Quill and Ink Eyeliner, which was launched on August 14th.


First of all, it is completly stunning. Every nerd girl would die to have that on their dressing table. It is sold on the US and they have international shipping, although some of their products are US exclusive due to licensing restrictions. This product has a matte black water resistent eyeliner – which means it may smudge if you go to the pool, but won’t do if you cry or sweat – and a precision point liquid eyeliner brush, on a beautiful holder.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Has you can see on the slideshow, the detail they put on every milimeter of the packaging is amazing, everything look precise and made by a fairy (lol). Even the royal blue case is the cuttest packaging ever!

The price is 39$ US dolars per kit and you can only buy 3 per order (and I’m sure they will sell out). I didn’t try this product because it is a little out of my league on money terms, but even if it wasn’t, it’s very difficult to buy make-up from the US, because as it travel overseas (for you who don’t know, I live in Portugal), every purchase above 25€ (aproximately 29$) stays held in customs and you have to pay at least more 20€ for it to be released (plus a fee for everyday that your package is on the customs building). As you can see, it is very expensive to buy american products, normally I try to find those products on european stores and then purchase from there.

About the quality of the quill and ink, we will know next month, because it ships in 14 day, and that’s when the first customers will have and then review it. But the expectations are high!

Storybook’s also launching a Mean Girl collection on October 3rd, which I’m dying to see because it was one of my all time favorite teenage movies!

Don’t forget to check out Storybook Cosmetics online store, as well as their social media – specially their instagram, where they post every announcement.

I hope you like my first Trend Report! What kind of products do you think I should talk about on this segment? Let me know on the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*



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