Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 16 Episode 2

Hello Everyone!

So, here’s the review of the latest episode of Project Runway! As I announced last year, this is my favorite theme of the show – the unconventional challenge!

This week the contestants dressed as construction workers and went to a recycling center – Royal Waste Services – where Tim Gunn and Anne Fulenwider (Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire) presented the challenge. Fashion Industry is responsible for a big part of the world’s pollution (specially fast fashion), so recycling looks and materials is very important for the green sustainability of the market. This is the first team challenge, and here’s the teams!

Team 1 – Wabi-Sabi –  #DesignerMargarita #DesignerKentaro #DesignerDeyonte #DesignerKudzanai #DesignerMichael

Team 2 – Tsunami – #DesignerSentell  #DesignerSamantha  #DesignerAmy #DesignerShawn  #DesignerClaire

Team 3 – Ballin’ on a Budget – #DesignerBatani #DesignerAaron #DesignerKenya    #DesignerBrandon #DesignerAyana

So, each team has one day to make a 5 outfit high fashion mini collection. One new thing that I love is that beside the all size models, the models are also switched. Thus, the designers have to work with a different model every challenge, which shows another dimension of each contestant – the capability to work outside their confort zone, to learn how to design for a lot of different body type and size and to discovery new ways of making it work.

This week’s guest judge is actress Maggie Q. Let’s start the show!

(Each look correspond to the designer by the order of the team presentation above)

Team Wabi-Sabi

Totally deserved to be safe. The looks were polished, tasteful and super beautiful. I really liked it and each designer did a great job!

Tsunami – Loosing Team

Samantha’s look was my favorite of the bunch (2nd). The judges pretty much hated it all. Then it all got weird between the team mates. The day before, Shawn was really stressed out because she couldn’t figure out what she was making for the runway – she never did a team challenge, she never used unconventional material and she never designed for a plus size model. Basically she only asked her sister for help, besides the offers that everyone on the team made. She came up with this plastic silver technique you can see on the last look, and everyone decided that they would incorporate that to make the collection more cohesive and as a trade, would help Shawn on her garment. What happen was, when Heidi was complementing the look, Sentell steped up and said that he was the one who sewed the top – which was true. The twins got really annoyed, saying all these escuses that the judges were always interposing:

“I could design, I think it was Fear”;

Zac Posen response “On fashion you have to take risks!”

“I never designed for a curvy girl”

Maggie Q said “If you think that’s curvy, you won’t be able to design for America” and so on…

After all, I hated the twins attitude. Sentell was the one who was sent home, because his garment was the worst of the bunch.

Ballin’ on a Budget – Winning Team

The print that Brandon created is amazing and I was very happy that the team decided to use it. It is cohesive, original, you almost can tell which designer did which look. The judges were very happy with Batani (1st look)- specially since she was on the bottom last week, this was a great come back – and Ayana (last look), who ended up being the winner.

What did you think of this episode? Share it with me in the comments or on my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


  1. Brandon should have won this episode. Reason is that all of the outfits made for this winning team were great,so therefore the winner should have been the person who made the design for all the outfits, which was Brandon. He absolutely got ripped off. Brandon finally was recognized for his awesome work on episode 3.


    1. I totally agree with you! I think Brandon is amazing, specially because he never did women clothing and he still managed to show his talent in a way that many of them couldn’t. I’m very excited to see him on a man or children challenge and what he can do with it. I’m seeing episode 3 today, check out my review later! Thank you for commenting Gloria 🙂



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