Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 13 – Finale Part 2

Hi Everyone!

YES! The Big Day is here! The final Runway show!

I’m not going to talk much about the episode because I already told you everything there is to know about the collection, on the last “Have you seen it?”. If you didn’t read it, click here so you can be updated for the following review. With that said, let’s just see the clothes! I’m going to show you all the models with the designer and then my favorite looks of the collection.

4th Place – Rik



So, I didn’t really connect with Rik’s collection, not that I don’t think is beautiful, it’s just this style isn’t for me. Nevertheless, that embelished denin totally killed it, that turned out gorgeous. Unfortunally, it wasn’t enough to wow the judges. Good job, Rik!

3rd Place – Laurence



I really liked Laurence’s collection, it’s just not her. The story behind the collection is very emotional, but if she had done the almost black leather collection that we were expecting, maybe she would have more chances to win. Either way, everything was beautiful and perfectly crafted.



From the group, Roberi’s collection was my favorite. I already said that on the last review, but for me he had the most wearable, chic, excentric and polished clothes. I loved that iridescent pink fabric and that “stripe collage”. And yet, through this competition, Roberi’s work stood out but I didn’t wanted to wear it – this time, I want those pieces!




Erin’s victory wasn’t a surprise for me. If you go back to the review of the first episode, the auditions, Erin’s work was the one who catched my eye. From a creative point of view, she was by far the best artist of them all. The thing about Erin is that I think that almost everything that she makes is beautiful – not wearable, but beautiful. And that’s what counts for me – she has the talent, the artistry, the skill, the creativity and the motivation, and that’s enough to succeed. Along the way, she will make a strong brand and I think that will be enough to sell – wearable or not, there will be clients.

Congratz Erin, hope to see what the future brings you!

I hope you liked this serie, and stay tuned because “Have you seen it?” will continue on a new spread, with the premiere of the new season of Face Off!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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