Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 13 – Finale Part 1

Hi Everyone!

So we came to the point where there’s only 5 contestants! With six weeks until NY Fashion Week, the designers have a budget of  9000 dollars! Two weeks prior to the Runway, Tim Gunn went to visit everyone on their own town to check out the collection!

As always, Tim talk to the designers about the collection, advised them on the designs, met their families and had a good time! One week before the show, the designers came back to the work room to pre-show the judges with three garments they already made and to finish the last details. Of course there was a twist – as a designer, you need to establish a brand, so the designers had to make a logo with the help of Brother Dream Machine.

Heidi Klum couldn’t be on the pre-show but was on videochat, so Michael Kors filled her spot. As usual we had Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Tim Gunn.



Tim Gunn was very shocked to see that Laurence had no black in her collection. She told her life story and she decided not to use black, because there’s always light at the end – she has the military green as her “black”. Michael Kors loved the last white top, but the judges complained about the cohesion of the collection – the first look didn’t match with the other two; Nina said that the pant on the second look cheapen the beautiful tailored jacket. Heidi and Zac thought the first look was the most fresh of the three.



Rik had a lot of ideas (some of them I thought were beautiful) and his collection was not cohesive – it made Tim very worried. He had optical illusions, embroidery and denin – he was inspired by the sixties. The judges also didn’t saw the cohesion between the looks (Heidi said there was three different girls) but everyone agreed that all the pieces were perfectly made. Nina thought the accessories were childish and they all advised Rik to focus the collection.



By the time Tim went to visit, she didn’t had any garment put together. She spent the past weeks making textiles, experimenting on materials and colours and sketching. Despite the “time waste”, Tim was really impressed with her work and where she intended to go with it. Nina didn’t think the second look belong to the collection (Erin never did this kind of “normal” design through the season and she doesn’t need to start it now), but overall the sparkle and the funny aspect of the looks are Erin and she should stick to that.



As Laurence’s, Roberi’s story was very emotional – he told Tim how nobody expects you to succeed from where he came from (Venezula) because of the social, financial and political dificulties of the country, and how he had to close his business because he was robbed so many time he didn’t have the money and the strength to keep it. Design wise, from the four contestants, on the Tim’s visits, Roberi’s collection was my favorite one – despite thinking his collection is not very cohesive, it had the most beautiful individual pieces. Tim was concern about the structure and shapes of the pieces – it didn’t felt inovative enough for fashion week, and Tim advised him to re-think it. He didn’t and for me he did well. Nina advised him to polished and beautify the collection, and style it up correctly – we have three different girls that we don’t know what kind of person the final client is.

Surprisingly, from what they show on this runway, Roberi has my favorite collection so far! What’s yours? Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

Tomorrow I’ll bring you the final episode of this season! Stay tuned!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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