Have you seen it? Project Runway Season 15 Episode 12

Hi Everyone!

Today I’ll bring you the review of the 12th episode of Project Runway Season 15, which aired on December 8th and it’s called “An Unconventional Trip”.

So, this was the last challenge before Fashion Week! And for the last week, the contestants went on a trip to Austin, Texas! After they left their luggage on the hotel room, they met with Tim by the pool. And he introduced them to Nick Verreos, a fashion designer who has a partnership with Best Western and is giving 50 free nights to be used on Best Western Hotels and Resorts! Once again, this is an unconventional challenge, but they have to create a high fashion look inspired by Austin.

I never went to the US and I had no idea that Austin was such a colorful, different and fun town. So, the designers had two stores to go to – Georgetown Farm Supply, when they had 30 minutes and 500 dolars to spend; and Stubb’s BBQ, where they had 5 minutes to pick every material on their choice. After the “shopping”, they all had (including Tim) a Stubb’s barbecue.

In New York, the work awaits. The contestants came back to the work room and now had to face all the materials they picked. This was also a two-day challenge.

By the end of the first day, Laurence, Erin and Rik have their garments almost constructed – while cornelius still has no idea what to do (he spent the day experimenting on the materials) and Roberi has a strong idea (he’s using rope and tieing it) but it’s so time consuming and he’s far behind expected. On the second day, Tim comes with a new twist – there will be two garments for this challenge. With a budget of 200 dolars, the designers went to mood, and now they had to make a new conventional garment, to go along with the unconventional one.

This episode’s ghest judges were actress Priyanka Chopra (Quantico, Baywatch 2017) and Georgina Chapman (desginer and co-founder of Marchesa and Project Runway All Star judge). Let’s start the show!

Rik – Badass Dress

Rik’s unconventional garment is made of broken vynil records and dog and guitar leashes. I think it’s totally amazing, is very chic, polished and edgy. Everyone freak out about it. And sadly, every judge agreed that the unconventional was much more interesting than the conventional one – just a simple tweed dress with some grunge details. It was supposed to be a high fashion runway, but the conventional dress was just a disappointment.

Roberi – Winner of the Week

Roberi’s unconventional garment was very personal – when he anxious he does a lot of knot and tie, so when he saw the rop from Georgetown he immediatly knew what he was going to do. But it turned out to be more than he could chew – on the critique, Tim Gunn was so worried about him he demanded that Roberi started on the conventional dress, because even Roberi knot until the last minute, the dress wouldn’t be finished. So um put a sheer fabric underneath (so we can’t see the model boobs and bottom) and just worked worked worked. The judges loved the story and apreciated the commitment that Roberi did on the unconventional dress – when he started there was no turning back, and he never gave up. The conventional dress was the Roberi magic with prints and they liked it too. And the efford paid off, he was the winner of the challenge!

Laurence –

Larence’s unconventional dress was amazing. Constructed with horse harnesses, birdfood and rope, she managed to make a badass, strong and cool garment. On the other hand, her normal garment was very boring. It’s just a plain yellow dress, with some “Laurence’s” details – with the leather shoulder and back. She tried to surprised the judges and she did – but not in a good way.

Erin -Beautiful Corsage

For me, Erin’s was the most original one when it comes to unconventional materials. She did the flowers on the bustier with guitar picks (she melted them a little with hot air and bend them to look like flowers) and real mealworms (which she painted gold). That was her first idea, she didn’t have a garment but she knew she would use the flowers. She change the top part to what we see here after Tim’s critique, he didn’t like the direction she was taken on the dress, and that’s the best decision she made – the dress turned out beautiful. For the conventional, she decided on a jumpsuit with her style on the print and the judges loved it as well – although for me it’s just a normal jumpsuit that I’ve seen everywhere. But the unconventional dress is gorgeous!

Cornelius – Auf Wiedersehen

Cornelius was so lost during this process! For the unconventional challenge he didn’t know what to do, he did a basic dress with muslim that he painted black and, as I said, he spent the first day of challenge just experimenting. Then he painted and cut lots of plastic cups, and made that beautiful 3D flower embelishment. For the conventional, he decided on a tailored black jumpsuit with some embroidery on the sleeves, and it became very powerful. Nina advised him on the styling – the model is beautiful but that hair is covering a lot of the neckline and sleeve work, and they cannot forget they’re there for the clothes but a presentation envolves everything! He ended up being the auf wiedersehen of the week.

And here you have the four finalists! Fashion Week here we come!

What did you think of this challenge?

Let me know in the comments or in my social media!

See you soon*

Image Credits: mylifetime.com


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